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Comment Need to get around IT (Score 2) 267

I work as an IT consultant / implementer.
I tend to work in Big Corporations doing infrastructural software projects. This includes introducing new procedures of how IT staff is going to administer their servers in the future (e.g.: how to use SSH in the future) both by technical as well as organisational means.
This also means that the IT staff and I are not often on good terms which in turn again means I don't get cut any slack wrt. accessing the internet or getting software installed on my assigned corporate workstation. I can't download any files bigger than a certain threshold, can't download files ending in .exe, .msi, .zip, .7z, .rar, .ps1, .tar, .gz, .bz2, the list goes on.
USB is disabled on the workstations and they don't have an optical drive or a floppy drive.
Yes, IT is on lockdown.

When I have to use un-approved software (for example: wireshark for network debugging, vim for efficient file-editing) I usually upload the data I need to a private or corporate cloud instance, download it back onto my laptop via mobile phone network, do my work and transfer it back the same way.

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