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Comment: Re:That's the problem with a sequel. (Score 1) 217

by blind biker (#49148683) Attached to: Harrison Ford To Return In Blade Runner Sequel

If you watch the original with the understanding that Deckard is a replicant then the unicorn origami and the ending have specific, complex, implications.

Now if the sequel shows Deckard as a human then they piss off everyone who prefers those implications. So, in effect, the sequel ruins the story for some people.

If the sequel shows Deckard as an aged replicant ... robots get old?

But replicants aren't robots - they are made from the same exact biochemical structures as humans. In effect, there is not much to distinguish them from humans, from a biochemical POV, and hence, if their timespan isn't artificially limited, they can live longer than 4 years and then age, as they are made of cells in which the same processes take place as in humans.

Comment: Re:Oh God No... (Score 1, Insightful) 217

by blind biker (#49147265) Attached to: Harrison Ford To Return In Blade Runner Sequel

I think Deckard from Blade Runner (unlike the one from PK Dick's story) is a replicant, but I see no reason why replicants couldn't age. The technology necessary for making replicants is, essentially, biochemistry. Highly advanced biochemistry. Now if they are able to make replicants that don't age, wouldn't they use the same or ancillary biotechnologies to help "normal" humans not age? Clearly, "normal humans" do age, so the problem of aging has not been solved in the Blade Runner universe.

Comment: I decided that I simply won't watch it (Score 4, Interesting) 217

by blind biker (#49146933) Attached to: Harrison Ford To Return In Blade Runner Sequel

For me, Blade Runner is an awesome cinematic and intellectual experience, and I did read the "short" story by PK Dick, and loved that also in slightly different ways.

The original Blade Runner was made in a decade when this kind of intellectualism in cinema was still going strong. After the 90s, it all but disappeared. There is NO WAY they can make a decent sequen of an 80s intellectual sci-fi movie today. Maybe they never could have.

Comment: Re:Well, Dice finally did it (Score 1) 85

by blind biker (#49146891) Attached to: Microsoft Closing Two Phone Factories In China

Thanks for the answer, and I agree with the "perfect is the enemy of the good"-philosophy, but the grey right-hand strip bug seemed to affect basically every Chrome user (I wasn't even one to complain, just reading the comments from fellow Chrome users).

For what it's worth, I wasn't affected by the bug the OP was mentioning.

Comment: Re:Well, Dice finally did it (Score 2) 85

by blind biker (#49146635) Attached to: Microsoft Closing Two Phone Factories In China

Genuine question (no flamebait): what procedures does does Dice follow to do software testing before release? There has been an interesting amount of bugs introduced lately, in the Slashdot interface, like the huge gray strip on the right appearing on Chrome. This bug has been now fixed, so props for that, but it took weeks. Shouldn't it have been caught during the testing phase, before releasing the changes into the live system?

Comment: Re:Great idea (Score 2) 134

by blind biker (#49119249) Attached to: Pakistanis Must Provide Fingerprints Or Give Up Cellphone

Why not use the same logic with guns?
If a person who asks for a gun license and enters 'armed robbery' as reason for obtaing one, just refuse it.
Presto, no crime anymore.

Why, that's exactly how the US visa application reads like. There is a series of questions in the form, asking whether you are a terrorist, whether you plan on a terrorist attack on the US soil, etc.

Comment: Re:FFS (Score 1) 397

Sorry to interject, but it should be noted that morphine and heroin are quite different when it comes to addictiveness. I am not supporting nor denying the OPs claim that people get "hooked" after a couple of tries with heroin (as far as I know, that's not true for most people), but your reply is non-sequitur.

Comment: Most important parameter for men: height (Score 5, Interesting) 286

by blind biker (#49105059) Attached to: An Evidence-Based Approach To Online Dating

I perfunctorily looked at TFA, and it doesn't mention height at all. This is ridiculous, and any man with even the most basic experience with online dating knows that height is perhaps the most important number in your online profile. The higher that number is, the more likely one is to receive invitations from women. I actually made an experiment, once, where I created to fake profiles that were almost identical, except for height, and the profile that had a height 10 cm larger than the other, got about 40 TIMES more contact requests (175 cm vs. 190 cm).

Comment: Re:Now needs a better phone app (Score 2) 77

by blind biker (#49081341) Attached to: Gets Routing

And the official osm app doesn't do offline routing.

Just use OSMAnd (the Android Open Street Maps app), which has a GREAT offline routing feature. PLUS it uses ector and not bitmap maps (Google Maps data is transferred as bitmap) so you can set the street font size to what you prefer. This is NOT possible with Google Maps, and likely it never will be. Just read the Google Discussion threads about inaccessibility of Google Maps for visually impaired people.

Comment: Re:This is (sort of) good news for Americans (Score 2) 215

by blind biker (#49036311) Attached to: Russia Seeking To Ban Tor, VPNs and Other Anonymizing Tools

oh, so Putin invaded three countries

You mean, Georgia, Ukraine and (brewing) Moldova? With functional takeover of a number of ex-USSR countries as well (Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova differ only by daring to stand up to Russia)? And aiding bloody coups elsewhere?

Moldova got already invaded - Putin took Transnistria already. In fact, that was his first invasion.

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