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Comment: Microsoft still evil (Score 2) 192

by blind biker (#49491175) Attached to: Microsoft's Role As Accuser In the Antitrust Suit Against Google

MS is extracting royalties from all the Android phone manufacturers based on bogus patents. They make far more money from that than their own Windows Phone business. MS has also formed the patent troll company Rockstar Consortium, a "patent holding non-practicing entity" also known as patent troll.
And let's not forget that MS is in the process of locking down every new motherboard and laptop so that it can boot only Windows.

Comment: Re:Lies, bullshit, and more lies ... (Score 4, Interesting) 442

Actually, the french revolution, with it's massive use of the guillotine, did have a positive effect on European democracy and decentralisation of power. Here in Europe socialized healthcare, free (or very affordable) higher education and strong worker unions have been a normal part of life since a long time.

Generally, employers have less rights over the employees, and they are more restricted in what their contracts can stipulate, compared to the US and the UK.

Comment: Bicycle repair and maintenance (Score 1) 81

This, I think, is one of the best ways to form a bond between me and my son: I teach him how to take care of bicycles, how to use tools and how some minor issues are fixed. This also increases his hand dexterity and other skills. We're both having fun doing this, and then riding our bikes.

Comment: Re:Caught up to Chrome 20 from 2012 (Score 1) 122

by blind biker (#49378843) Attached to: Microsoft Rolls Out Project Spartan With New Windows 10 Build

Recently Chrome on my Android tablet changed (it now reloads the site when you scroll to far up). Gosh - I'm really starting to hate Google.

"Changed"? You mean, you updated it, I guess? We have 5 Android devices in our family, and we all have control over which app we update and which we don't. E.g. the latest gmail for android is shit and buggy as hell, so I rolled back to the previous version, and did not update it on my phone. My wife doesn't update anything by default. So while there's good reason to hrl criticism at Google for their latest versions of their softwares, at least they give people the option to use the older, less sucky, versions.

Comment: So a the cars are the same model? (Score 1, Insightful) 167

by blind biker (#49369021) Attached to: At the Track With Formula E, the First e-Racing Series

And all use the same model of battery pack? Jesus Fucking Christ, they made Formula E the as little appealing to nerds as the possibly could. And let's be honest, nerds/tech-heads would have been their PRIMARY audience!

Methinks a product/marketing manager got paid for a shitty job.

Comment: Re:Fukushima and Chernobyl not worse case failures (Score 1) 227

How about coal plants that have been spewing more radioactive particles per unit energy than nuclear plants IN ADDITION to mercury, arsenic and a host of other heavy and neurotoxic metals, into the atmosphere? Because of the bloody coal plants you can't safely give salmon and other large fish to babies, while it used to be one of the healthiest foods and most recommended for babies and toddlers, some 30-40 years ago.

Comment: Re:Welcome to the USA (Score 2, Insightful) 181

by blind biker (#49362211) Attached to: Commercial Flamethrower Successfully Crowdfunded

It's not a practical weapon, and no one sees it as a threat, hence the almost complete lack of laws in the U.S. Even in WWII, it had limited use. No one wanted to be the one carrying either, since you became a target of enemy fire with an explosive backpack on. This thing is also incredibly dangerous for the user as well; just look at the protective gear in the video. Sure, it's whacky and unnecessary for most people (some people need a portable flamethrower for clearing land on large properties, but that doesn't seem to be the marketing here). But some people might say the same about your hobbies and spending habits. Let bygones be bygones.

Nobody said that "it's a practical weapon", just that it's incredibly dangerous. It's perfectly suited to kill, mail or deface for life a busful of random people. In this case not even the "if we outlaw handguns, only outlaws will have them"-argument flies, because you don't protect yourself from a flamethrower with another flamethrower. In fact, a flamethrower is not suitable for self-protection, only for attacking large numbers of soft targets. It's the perfect mass murderer's weapon.

Comment: Re:Training Your Competition (Score 2) 108

by blind biker (#49326823) Attached to: IBM Will Share Tech With China To Help Build IT Industry There

You are writing your comment assuming that the IBM CEO actually gives a shit about the company's long (or even medium) term viability. This hasn't been true in the last 35 years in corporate USA. In publicly traded companies where there isn't a clear owner and therefore someone who cares about hi/her company, CxOs have been rampaging, merging, reorganizing, divesting, outsourcing etc. etc. all kinds of buzzword MBA-ese goes. None of those things were actually done to improve the company, but to make more money for the executives.

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