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Journal: Interface

Journal by mcgrew

I plan on trying the suggested browsers, but thought I'd revisit Opera first. It dawned on me that changing browsers is going to be a big PIA, since Firefox holds a bunch of passwords.

It's been at least a decade since I've tried Opera; it was brand new when I last tried it. So I installed the latest one. The result was...

Who designed this gawdoffal mess? Look, folks, I'm all for hiring the handicapped, but you shouldn't have the learning-disabled designing interfaces. Look, folks, it shouldn't take five damned clicks to get to a bookmark. And what idiot had the idea to have each bookmark take up a square inch or two, with stupid illustrations?

I haven't uninstalled it yet, maybe there's a way to make the interface less idiotic (Firefox does), but I'm not hopeful.

Saturday morning I started working and just wasn't in the mood; I needed a weekend off. I probably wrote a paragraph in "Voyage to Earth". So I did a little random googling and ran across the fact that Windows lets you easily catch and save an audio stream, but it's disabled by default.

I'd been using EAC to sample my LPs and tapes for years, but it will only run on the XP tower. Someone clued me to Audacity a few years ago; it's been installed but unused.

I fired it up to see if I could indeed catch streams, and it does indeed.

And unlike EAC or Opera, it has an excellent interface and its manual is actually useful! I love that program! There are a ton of advanced features I'll probably never use, but it's good that they're there.

Sunday night I copped ACDC's new album, a Deep Purple "best of", and the Grateful Dead's "Skullfuck" album from KSHE's "Seventh Day" show. I guess I need some blank CDs for the car...

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Journal: Ô Capitaine ! Mon Capitaine !

Journal by fustakrakich

You are so right! I have no business comparing a storm trooper to the emperor. I have found the the evil in a man's heart is completely limp when measured against what he does with his hands. It's like equating infinity with nothing. They actually cannot be compared. The difference between dictation and execution is so vast that it goes... unnoticed! To where it comes full circle and becomes the same thing in the eyes of far too many.

No no no! The storm trooper is far worse than the emperor! They are the emperor's hands!

Oh, and I feel no shame standing in front of anybody here...

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Journal: If you want to win unconditional surrender at ALL costs, no matter what... 42

Journal by fustakrakich

Then Dick Cheney is your man... One of the very few who, at the right price, will do anything you ask. And he did tell the truth. The CIA had full authorization, and that includes full consent of 98% of the people who voted. And he said he'd do it again in a minute. Your kind of guy, no? Put him back on the GOP ticket, and guess which amongst you would vote for him. Shouldn't be too difficult. And the democrats? Being the dumbasses they are, we already know what's up with them. Do we really need to waste space yammering about them anymore? Morons...

And while I'm on the subject, is there anybody who reads this JE who can honestly tell me they are against torture, no matter what? Don't give me any conditions of any kind. It's either yes or no. I expect, but probably will not receive the proper one word answer to the question. In fact I really expect no response at all, but maybe I could be pleasantly surprised. I really only want to know how much real physical savagery is permissible.

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Journal: WTF, Firefox??? 7

Journal by mcgrew

As usual when I boot on Patch Tuesday, I open a bunch of tabs, the notebook slows to a crawl, and this time it was locked up so tight that Windows gave a message saying it couldn't display the message and to use the power button. I had to pull the battery to reboot the damned thing.

So I start Firefox back up and it says it's updating. It finally opens, with an extra tab, one telling me that it changed my default search to Yahoo.

WHAT THE GOD DAMNED HELL, FIREFOX??? This is bullshit! If I wanted that God damned Yahoo, an even worse search engine than Bing, I would have chosen it.

Yahoo, when your product is so shitty you have to trick people into using it... fucking morons!

There used to be a drop down by the search box; it's gone now. I tried tools->options; that's where it is now. Non nerds would give up.

Pissing off your users is NOT the way to get more of them. Anybody have any suggestions for a less annoying browser?

Also, I need to dig out that kubuntu CD and load it on a thumb drive; I'm damned sick and tired of Microsoft's patch Tuesday.

Excuse me while I reboot. Again.

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Journal: Eat it, you damn bigots! Eat it raw! 5

Journal by fustakrakich

This is what is meant by religious freedom ...

You really need to have your noses rubbed in your own shit. But then please, clean it off, hop into the truck and head over to your church to celebrate on January 16th the true meaning of liberty... Bring your own ammo...

Funny that it was the Baptists of all people that pushed this. It seems that whatever happened to them is what later turned the republican faction into what it is today. When did the baptists become dixiecrats? What turned them into the most prominent bigots in the US? And how did this particular faction so successfully coopt what was really one of the greatest propagators of American civil rights? All the way up to....uh oh.. the 80s??? Oh shit... You don't think... he did it, do you? Oh, please! Say it ain't so! No no no! This can't be! That would be like discovering the greatest heroes of the American 'Revolution' were... FRENCH!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! HEELLLPP MEEE!!!

*rah rah rah... That's the spirits we have here...*

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Journal: This is a first 5

Journal by mcgrew

Mod points both here and s/n at the same time. And here I'm working on three books!

There's Mars, Ho! which I'm hopeful I'll publish soon.

Then there's Random Scribblings, a collection of articles and stuff I've posted on the internet since 1997. Its subtitle will be "junk I've littered the internet with". Even though there's probably less than 10% of what I've written it's huge, well over 100,000 words. It will probably grow a little, because I just found six articles I thought had been lost forever.

This is kind of related; much stuff from my old Quake site is there. Someone once asked if I could re-post the shoutcasts, but there's too much RIAA music in them and they would surely be quickly taken down, so if you want them, email me and I'll send them as attachments.

Finally there's MarsBars, a collection of short science fiction stories. I worked on Voyage to Earth some yesterday. That book is less than 20% done.

I've been working harder than I worked when I still worked. So I'm glad I got all those mod points, I needed a break.

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Journal: Crappy Holidays 5

Journal by mcgrew

Thanksgiving morning I was ready to pick up my daughter and visit our family a hundred miles south in St. Louis.

My keys weren't in my pocket. An hour later I gave up looking and called all concerned with the sad news; no Thanksgiving for me this year; I was stuck in my house.

I found them Saturday.

I'd ordered a copy of Mars,Ho!, hopefully the final pre-print, on Monday before Thanksgiving. I expected it to ship Saturday, but it still hasn't shipped. So I doubt I'll have it published by Christmas, let alone soon enough for it to be gifts.

Sorry, guys.

"You don't go out and kick a mad dog. If you have a mad dog with rabies, you take a gun and shoot him." -- Pat Robertson, TV Evangelist, about Muammar Kadhafy