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by fustakrakich (#48477663) Attached to: [TCM] Manifesto reading part 4

Communism is more libertarian than you are. It seeks to disperse wealth/power, not concentrate it in vast financial institutions that serve only themselves using national resources (congress, military, coinage, etc) to protect their interest, and you as their most willing enabler advocating the hedonism of gluttony with a long history of chasing people off their land, and then defending the notion of private property. How quaint... There you go. I've given you something else for you to express your righteous indignation.

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by fustakrakich (#48477547) Attached to: Ferguson

I don't care about your 'alternate course'. That is your problem. If you don't want to blaze a new one, what does it matter to me? I am simply describing in the most basic terms the course you are on. If you are comfortable with it, then stay that course... I only say that your denials fool no one but you...

Comment: Re:Ah yoo too (Score 1) 9

Not just Ollie North under your idol, but you conveniently decided to forget Afghanistan and Iraq. And the spying, and the prisons, and on and on... well... Eh, whatever.. you won't understand... No, actually I think you don't care... Doing so will will require a complete 180 on your part... Ain't gonna happen.

You're accusing me of supporting unnamed people...?

Goes without saying... Robertson is the most obvious... And you continue with the bigotry, in the name of 'religious liberty'(!) (using your god's name in vain) over legal business contracts that all people are entitled to despite your claims of 'hedonism'. That is you trolling, sir. And in real life, not just on the net.

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Fun fact: Your tribal culturalism, all your petty politics, and even (especially) your fanatical religions are pure animal, a pack of chimps that can write and act out Shakespeare, and you have not deviated off course in the least. The cortex serves... That includes yours... Which more often than not you make abundantly clear...

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I wouldn't know. You brought it up. I mean, to claim that all hope is in your deity is just a bit over the top, logically speaking of course, and you have deeply offended all 7 billion + other deities on the planet, and in fact, all the trillions and trillions of others that fill every subatomic particle with eternal light.

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He is no different than any of the others that you either support or remain silent who preach hate and disrespect.. You must be using this 'maturity' angle as some diversion. Forget about it. They are the same. They work for money. You are just following and believing what you see on the TV, and as always, with you it's the celebrity... If you weren't so... er... selective, you could be taken a bit more seriously. Sorry, you are proving to be the troll. Everything you complain about applies every bit as much to your peeps. You cannot separate yourself. Your attempts to do so continue to provide endless entertainment. You support everything Sharpton/Obama/etc does when somebody else more to your liking does it. That sir, you have made crystal clear. Hell, even d_r can see that. You're just too proud to accept that you've been had.

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There just isn't a lot of hope in life outside of Jesus Christ...

That's very defeatist... Sure there is. All sorts of people who never heard of the man are living very fulfilling lives. And they can do it without meddling with and disrespecting others because they appear or act 'different'. Seek them out and learn from them. They preach the message, not the man.

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...I'd rather see drives with double the MTBF than double the capacity.

That's not the way the market sees it. Increased reliability can only hurt sales. Our economy system requires perpetual growth, or it will collapse. Planned obsolescence is a very old method of keeping the growth alive. There is no reason that a computer and all its components can't last 20-25 years like our old TVs and refrigerators did.

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