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Comment: Re:Powerpoint resulted in the loss of 2 space shut (Score 2) 268

by Goldsmith (#49779587) Attached to: Why PowerPoint Should Be Banned


I know Microsoft gets hammered around here, but blaming the Challenger disaster (1986) on PowerPoint (1990) is really stretching the facts to match the story.

Bullet points and slide presentations did not start with PowerPoint. If anything, the "bullet point thinking" of the Challenger tragedy shows that we were already experts at presenting information poorly before we had software tools to make us more efficient at it.

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Journal: I have a confession to make...

Journal by kesuki

I am a widely unreported minority called a 'xenosexual' i am very attracted to foreign women. xeno means alien and of course many xenosexuals want to have sex with aliens from another planet. of course i'm not exclusively xenosexual but i'm not pansexual either (loving all types) as boys/men are ugly to me. the internet for all it's glory has so far hidden the xenosexual to obscure groups even more obscure than 4chan. even though japanese anime has had demon sex and alien sex it is still an

Comment: Re:business of mass-murdering innocent people (Score 1) 148

by fustakrakich (#49776271) Attached to: Al-Qaeda's Job Application Form Revealed

I see Al-Qaeda as more of an agency, or employment center. They are definitely little more than one of many middlemen that executes(?) a purchase order from the nation states that need their services, a procurement office for weapons and personnel, passports, credit cards, you name it. They might even have an iStore. Either way it is a facade, a front, in the global terror business. They attract everybody's attention, while their financiers are off to Monaco!

Comment: Re:Bats don't control mosquitoes (Score 1) 87

by operagost (#49775693) Attached to: Bats' White-Nose Syndrome May Be Cured

Sounds like a great idea until they take up residence in your house.

They normally huddle in trees. But the eaves and soffits of your house are much better for huddling in to stay warm, because besides being cozy and secluded, they naturally collect heat during the day. It is a very annoying process to exclude the bats without killing them once they're moved in, and once they're out you have to immediately seal every opening over 1/4 inch in diameter or they'll come back. Yes, that small.

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