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Comment: Re:So the concept of Putlerbot sockpuppet is true! (Score 1) 183

by blind biker (#49804623) Attached to: Professional Internet Troll Sues Her Former Employer

The closest equivalent in English is "you have fucked up".

Nope - "fucked up" has a much more negative connotation than "zajebo si se". Most Serbians say "zajebo sam se" quite often in fact, because it's such a jocular and mild term that it's quite OK to use it on oneself.

And my Serbian friends never use this kind of speech when they think I can hear them - they are well aware that I understand what they say. You may speak with your friends however you like, but I am not your friend.

Maybe they just don't like you very much, i.e. you didn't integrate with them and their culture too well.

Comment: Re:So the concept of Putlerbot sockpuppet is true! (Score 1) 183

by blind biker (#49801973) Attached to: Professional Internet Troll Sues Her Former Employer

There is no need for this kind of vulgar speech. It is good for you that you can read Serbian. Also in cyrillic or is this the reason why you have a problem with Macedonian? Because for me it is not more difficult than understanding Serbian (I speak Russian pretty well and also have learned Czech).
Anyway, then you might have seen a Putin paid shill indeed.

Ucio sam fiziku i matematiku citajuci cirilicu jos u dalekim 70-im. Srpsku tj. Vukovu cirilicu. A sto se tice "there is no need for this kind of vulgar speech", tvoj uzak pogled na zivot me nimalo ne tangira. Ja i dalje govorim na isti nacin sa mojim drugarima iz Srbije kao sto sam govorio jos prije rata. Za mene su lazi puno gore nego psovke. In fact, I do find it very true that people who swear are more trustworthy than the ones who feign offense at expletives.
Also, if you weren't so narrow-minded (or perhaps uneducated in Serbian language and culture), you would know that "zajebo si se" is not an expletive intended to offend the "receiver" - it is a fun way people in Serbia say "you are/were wrong". I would LOVE it if there were a similar expression, with similar connotations, in English or the other four languages I speak.

Comment: Re:So the concept of Putlerbot sockpuppet is true! (Score 3, Interesting) 183

by blind biker (#49801681) Attached to: Professional Internet Troll Sues Her Former Employer

Not really, no. Russian government shills are only used inside the country, to calm down dissent.

How in the hell do you know this? Is it more likely that hundreds/thousands of Russian citizens are utterly delusional to the point of insanity, all the while being perfectly Internet savvy, or that there are propaganda firms working for Putin to control the Western public opinion regarding things such as Ukraine? I find the latter much more likely.

The only exception might be Serbia, but my guess is, you don't speak Serbian either.

Tu si se zajebo. Sasvim solidno "citam" srpski i ostale bivse Yugo jezike, osim makedonskog.

Comment: So the concept of Putlerbot sockpuppet is true!? (Score 4, Insightful) 183

by blind biker (#49801195) Attached to: Professional Internet Troll Sues Her Former Employer

I have seen on various non-tech forums some extremely biased and even absurd views from a very obvious pro-Russian government position. All these accounts seemed to work in unison, with the same talking points and a very clear agenda. The fact that their agenda was so clear and transparent is the reason why many forum patrons call them "putlerbot" and "Kremlin's sockpuppets". I thought that Putin most likely would not waste money on such nonsense, but I did find the comments humorous.

But now I am starting to think that these... "people" aren't just utterly delusional Internet users from Russia, but actual, paid-for, managed and directed sockpuppets.

Comment: There is one important factor nobody has mentioned (Score 1) 742

Greece has one major (and IMHO, their greatest) socio-economic problem: massive tax evasion by the rich and super-rich. Greece is a thoroughly corrupt country, and the elite has greatly benefitted from this corruption, at the expense of everyone else.

Comment: As a Finn (Score 2, Interesting) 396

I am very much in support of Britain leaving the EU. Later, if and when Scotland gains independence, I would be happy to see them join. But britain, with their retrograde social policies like expensive higher education, weakening unions etc. should stay the fuck away from the Western world.

Comment: Million dollar super-star athlete salaries (Score 1) 531

by blind biker (#49752165) Attached to: Ads Based On Browsing History Are Coming To All Firefox Users

> Where do you think the million dollar super-star athlete salaries come from? Advertising.

This is provably not generally true. It depends a lot on the type of sport, but sponsorship money can be just a fraction of a pro athlete's income (whereas the majority could come from pay-per-view or ticket sales), or it can be a substantial part. Take Floyd Mayweather - the extraordinarily high paydays he makes come for the most part from PPV. No, I am not one who would pay to watch pro boxing, especially not Mayweather, but there are tens of millions who do.

Comment: I thought Windows 7 was the last Windows ever. (Score 1) 199

For most companies and individuals, Windows 7 is probably the end of the line. Even WinXP is plenty good for most people, and the need to upgrade because of hardware obsolescence vanished some 5 years ago already. Lucky for Microsoft they can extort money from Android vendors, because Windows is not going to be a huge cash cow going forward.

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