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Comment Re:Shouldn't this be an FTC issue, not an FCC issu (Score 1) 176

I would agree here. However, I think it requires a multi pronged attach approach. If my memory serves me, a few years back ATT Wireless was being sued by both the FTC and the FCC for the same thing (related to their unlimited data plans). They went to court and tried to have the suits dismissed playing each group against each other.
FTC vs ATT - ATT Claimed they were being investigated and sued by the FCC and requested a dismissal.
FCC vs ATT - ATT claimed they were being investigated and sued by the FTC, and requested a dismissal.

They will lie cheat and steal, and do whatever they want, as long as the money keeps flowing into politicians pockets, nothing will ever change.

Comment Re:$6000 (Score 2) 176

I cannot believe you seriously posted that. Not everyone has such a short commute. Not everyone has such a short commute on roads that are safe enough to cycle on. Not everyone has such a short commute at times of days when it is light out (brings back to safety point, and lights help a little, but not enough).

It must be nice to live in that world of yours where everything turns out just peachy for you. For the rest of us, we have to own a car. (well not everyone, but many of us).

FYI, I have no issues cycling 10 miles, in fact, I have no issues cycling 100 miles at a time... as I am a cyclist (both road and mountain), so if I could cycle to work, I would.

Comment Re:Breakin' the law, breakin' the law (Score 1) 410

There have always been bans on flying RC planes in the Area. There area a number of parks designated specifically for RC planes, and tracks for RC cars.

What I would be more curious to know is if there is an exemption for the flying of drones at the RC airplane field as it falls within the no fly zone.

Comment Re:Bait and switch (Score 1) 622

There definition of unlimited is you can do with it as you please, as in there is no limit to what you can do. However, how much you can consume, well that's limited in the small print.

The reality is, unlimited became more mainstream with the ATT and Apple partnership when the first iphone came out.. They are probably kicking themselves for that.

Comment Re:Unlimited Data Required (Score 1) 622

You sort of answered your own statement.

The carriers see the writing on the wall. If they implement caps later once users are consuming the additional data, they would have to create a much higher cap as the avg will be significantly higher at that point in time. Instead, they implement lower caps now when the majority of the population don't come close, so that when the avg use does go up to consume 4k and 8k video, and whatever else the innovators come up with, now the avg user is exceeding the cap and they are forced to pay for the overages, or pay for a higher capped plan.

It is al about profits, this has never been about network management or congestion (although I will agree, on wireless, there may be congestion issues, but then don't try to cap or throttle unlimited accounts in an area when those who pay for the capped plans don't get throttled at the same time in those same areas... it's not like the additional profit will reduce the congestion)

Comment Forget the headphones. (Score 4, Informative) 169

Most organized sporting events (marathons and bike races at least) ban headphones.

So while great for training, they are worthless for the event. Some people rely on music for motivation, which is fine, but I would suggest you get used to it without.

And when training, keep only one ear bud in, I cannot tell you how many runners did not hear me yelling on your left to pass and then they get frightened and pissed when I do pass. sennheiser make decent sports earbuds.

And I suspect you got a lemon Garmin. I used to use the forerunner 300 I used before I got my edge 810. The 300 lasted me a good 8 hours. The 810 lasts me about 5 hours when I used live tracking (paired to phone provides realtime tracking for family or friends, good for long solo rides for safety).

Comment Re:If... (Score 1) 363

Maybe if the education system here took their heads out of their asses, it would not matter which text book was used for a particular subject. As long as the student learns the base material on how to resolve the questions asked of them during their exams, the book should be irrelevant.

They are not supposed to be teaching kids how to parrot a book to pass a test.

The problem is that the text book and testing industry have such an incestuous relationship, and their collective hands are so far up the asses of those educational leadership, that it is too lucrative not to force students to buy expensive books that are useless after a single year. Hey, we changed 2 words in this math book which has 200 year old source material, lets make every student purchase a new book instead of used.

It's total bullshit, it is not like the text book industry is coming up with original content, rather they are just reusing what has been around for 1000's of years (depending on the subject of course).

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