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Journal: [Ask subset of /.] 8

Journal by blazin

I've recently been informed that we have a little more budget left so we're trying to spend it on stuff to make things better here. I've been asked to look at info and pricing for Zend Optimizer, the Zend Load Balancer and some other Zend stuff.


Journal: [Ask a subset of /.] Mod_rewrite and google indexing 9

Journal by blazin

I am working on some code to rewrite some urls on our website which are currently something like:




I think that something like


User Journal

Journal: My wife is jealous of Sam and Richard... 2

Journal by blazin

There's a lot more people out there who read Sam's JE's and a lot more that read Richard's JEs than my JEs. As some of you may remember I met Sam a few weeks ago. I didn't write a JE about it as I've been super busy lately, and didn't know what to say anyway. Everything Richard said about Sam really rings true. I'm sorry I didn't write anything about it, but I did have a great time with Sam.


Journal: [FSoF] Crappity crap crap dang!

Journal by blazin

So as I've written in a previous journal, I've started a new job, about 4 weeks ago (March 15). Two weeks ago, I got my first paycheck, covering one week's worth of pay. I was supposed to get it on Friday, but I got it on Saturday. It was a paper check with all subsequent checks supposed to be direct deposited.

So we grabbed the check and headed off to the bank to make a deposit before we headed off to the mall.


Journal: Today is the first day of the rest of my career 14

Journal by blazin

Or at least that is to say, as of right now, or rather about 7 hours ago, I am unemployed. No longer (well almost no longer) will Mr. Lawrence Ellison be (electronically) signing my paychecks. Leaving today was quite hard. The hardest part was leaving behind the people I've met and worked with there.


Journal: I broke it. 14

Journal by blazin

On Saturday, my wonderful wife bought me a 60GB iPod video (black) for our upcoming anniversary. Ok, I bought it, but it was her gift to me. So I take it home, plug it into the computer to get it all charged, etc. and it loads some podcasts I had previously grabbed.

User Journal

Journal: geekPoints++

Journal by blazin

So I finally got around to requesting that two more network ports in my cube get turned on. Today they came around and turned them on, meaning that the extra laptop and the mac laptop I have had sitting around, now have network access and are useful. Since my desktop got replaced last week by a laptop, I've been running it with two screens (laptop and monitor) since then. Now that I got network access for all the computers, I set up synergy on all three and I am now running three computers

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal: That was embarassing... 3

Journal by blazin

So this evening, my wife and I decided to go out to dinner. We don't get to do this a whole lot since we've got two little girls. We decided to go to T.G.I. Friday's since they've got the three course dinner for $12.99. My wife got the fired mozarella for the appetizer, bacon cheeseburger and vanilla bean cheesecake for dessert. I got the chargrilled Jack Daniel's salmon. My oldest daughter got the chicken fingers.

User Journal

Journal: BANNED! 16

Journal by blazin

So last night (at home) I tried to read some JE's. I got the lovely pink slashdot "BANNED" page. I've never seen this before. I wrote in to find out why I was banned, and was told that IP has been banned every day since 12/19 for hitting the RSS feed 100s or 1000s of times in an hour. The weird thing is that I am not running any RSS readers on the computer I use the most and the other computers don't have any slashdot rss subscriptions.


Journal: Anyone have a 360? 4

Journal by blazin

Just wondering if anyone in the circle has an XBox 360 yet. Since I have seen no journals about it from anyone, I am assuming that no one else does. If you do happen to have one, add "Codemonkey 1" to your friends list. I only have a few days left on my xbox live gold trial and I have yet to use it at all. I guess even if you have an original xbox you can add me too since a lot of the original xbox games on live work between the two systems.



Hardware Hacking

Journal: Crap, crap, crap...

Journal by blazin

About three weeks ago, my wife and daughter stopped by my work to go to lunch with me. On the way back to drop me off, the gas pedal dropped to the floor and the car lost power and the engine went to back to idling speeds. I was able to get it to go a little bit (like 4 or 5 feet) by pushing the gas pedal down and then when I let off, I would get a little bit of power. I had to turn a corner and go up a hill and the little power I was getting wasn't enough to get it up the hill, so I had to g

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