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Comment: More Nonsense (Score 2) 371

by blazerw11 (#25885119) Attached to: Google Chrome Tops Browser Speed Tests
More ignorance from the article:

We tested the version of Firefox (called Minefield) that does include the V8 code and listed those results below our "official" findings.

Let it be known now and henceforth, Google Chrome IS THE ONLY BROWSER USING V8. Safari's new stuff is SquirrelFish and Mozilla's is TraceMonkey.

Please know this before you write an article making yourself look foolish.

The Almighty Buck

Tax Write-Offs For Free (As In Speech) Work? 198

Posted by kdawson
from the time-is-money-isn't-it dept.
deuist writes "Several years ago I wrote a book called The Not So Short Introduction to Getting Into Medical School (PDF) and released it online under a Creative Commons license. I have been asked several times to publish the text so that I can make money off of it. The book has become quite famous among pre-med students and is now available from the Princeton Review as a free CD that is given to pre-medical interest groups. My question to the Slashdot community involves claiming this work as volunteering for tax purposes. Have any of you had any success with releasing free software and then writing off your time when April 15 rolls around?"

Paul Allen's Microsoft Experience 515

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the looking-in-from-outside dept.
theodp writes "Just in case Microsoft bashers don't have enough ammo, Robert X. Cringely has a couple of interesting tales in this week's column. The first explains how Bill Gates used Paul Allen's moonlighting at MITS to justify awarding himself 64% of Microsoft's stock vs. Allen's 36% (and Gates' failure to adjust the shares after he accepted a $10/hour part-time MITS job). The second heart-warming tale concerns a conversation Allen reportedly overheard late one night (as he was finishing up DOS 2.0) between Gates and Steve Ballmer discussing how to get Allen's Microsoft stock back if the Hodgkins disease Allen was battling killed him. Yikes."

Adding features does not necessarily increase functionality -- it just makes the manuals thicker.