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Comment Re:Helping subscribers remain subscribers (Score 1) 175

I suppose that depends on the players. World of Tanks is a F2P (aka freemium) game... I bet the majority of the 45 million players don't pay a cent. Do you want to pay extra to retain them? If they're a whale, it makes sense.. They could offer "priority downloads" to them, but I don't know.

Comment Re:S3 as webseed (Score 1) 175

I'm curious about that too... If I'm reading their pricing schedule correctly, S3 is generally $0.01 per 10000 GET requests...WoT claims to have 45 million regular players, that's $45 for the requests, so not too bad... but it's $0.01 per GB transferred... if we say each update is 500MB, that's roughly $225,000 for all of the players to update. I can see why they use BT.

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