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Comment: Re:Security? (Score 2) 206

by blattin (#39601759) Attached to: Minecraft Creator's New Game Called 0x10c
"The possibilities of this CPU and generator are... Fascinating. For instance, users players (see, lines are already blurring) can exchange programs, so you can expect a lively scene of people exchanging programs. There's a nefarious side to this as well - Notch will not stop anyone from making viruses, so even computer security becomes an element of play. A virus could, for instance, disable a ship's weaponry or shields. " From:

+ - Tevatron has found Higgs Boson?->

Submitted by blattin
blattin writes: "If one form of the rumour is to be believed — and Prof Dorigo is extremely circumspect about it — then it is a "three-sigma" signature, meaning that there is a statistical likelihood of 99.7 per cent that it is correct. But, of course, that is only if the rumour is to be believed."
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+ - South Korea deploys killer robot in DMZ->

Submitted by shikaisi
shikaisi writes: Not content with just killing people in computer games, South Korea has gone one better and is deploying remotely controlled sentry robots on the border with the north. According to the article "If the command centre operator cannot identify possible intruders through the robot's audio or video communications system, the operator can order it to fire its gun or 40mm automatic grenade launcher." I hope that word "cannot" instead of "can" is a journalistic error and not a shoot-to-kill policy.
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Comment: Re:And next they'll want them to get off the lawn (Score 4, Insightful) 373

by blattin (#29332479) Attached to: Has Texting Replaced Talking For Teens?

There's no indication that any of this is making anyone substantially stupider.

hang around anyone between the age of 12 and 16 and tell me they're not dumb as bricks speaking in chat acronyms rather than expending the exact same number of syllables on the actual words or actually expressing emotions.

i hate individuals who refuse to use capitalization appropriately in sentences as well. how uncivilized.

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