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Comment Re: A plea to fuck off. (Score 1) 365

Have you used LastPass? LastPass has several options to not re-enter a master password if you choose:
1) If you have an iPhone you can unlock the vault with TouchID 2) Create a 4 character pin

Both of these are enabled after x minutes that you set post entering your master password. Between having a passcode/touchID to unlock the iphone, having to enter last pass master password, and then having a secure pin post master password I feel it is secure enough for my needs.

Comment Re:Just copy iMessage already (Score 1) 62

Seriously, what is so damn hard about integrating SMS with messaging.

except please don't copy iMessage's "feature" where it tells you the message is delivered but the recipient never gets it.

Never happened to me. I bet most people who had claim this happened didn't understand the difference between the GREEN text for SMS and the blue text for iMessage

Comment It succeeeded due to it's copyright infringment (Score 5, Informative) 81

The reason YOuTube was successful at the start was it was full of nothing but copy protected content posted illegally. People seem to forget this, but in the early days that's all people used it for until Google swooped in and gave it plenty of cash to change.

Comment Re:They always [conveniently] miss facts... (Score 3, Interesting) 458

Did you notice how most of them were before the return of Jobs at an older and wiser stage of life?
I don't think the U2 ipod represents a huge flop given all the other ipods were doing well, and the cube is a fantastic design that was just too expensive (some would say it birthed the current Mac Mini).

Comment Glad to hear it's not their just pathetic jerks (Score 5, Insightful) 336

So they ruin the day both for thousands of kids with new consoles and the tech support/security teams for the companies who now have to come in to work on Christmas. I have another theory why they do this on Christmas -- this group of hackers (at a psychological level) are just sad and lonely people who are angry with the world and want to ruin the joy/fun for others.

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