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Comment Small Business - WebRoot (Score 1) 467 467

If you are running a small business AD environment, especially if its virtualised, we've had a good experience with webroot. Pushing it out via group policy, easy to manage and track centrally via its webconsole and doesn't kill your shared network storage.

Plays nice with other virus checkers to, we also use malware bytes free for random scans of desktops.

Comment Re:Here come the certificate flaw deniers....... (Score 3, Informative) 80 80

I work for a small company that signs its code - pretty much required if you want to install in any enterprise these days.

Its a certificate chain - we purchase a cert from a provider such as Verisign. They request basic proof of identity - business registration, contact number etc. They create a cert for us signed by them. Their cert is signed by Microsoft.

We sign our app with our cert - anyone accessing the binary signed by us can verify it hasn't been alterated and our cert was signed by Verisign, which was signed by Microsoft.

Note that all this provides is proof that the exe was created by us. It in no way guareentees that we aren't distributing our own malware etc. But what it does provide is a way of tracing a exe back to the signer.

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