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Comment Re:Why not just lock down the radio portion? (Score 1) 144

Back when I used an old linux box as my AP/router, it would always say something about locking the frequencies usable by the wireless card to USA frequencies or some such in the logs. Not sure how it even knew that, maybe from the timezone data, but it did it. Why can't this be standard across all firmwares?

Comment Re:This is a partnership.... (Score 1) 82

What did they get out of it? Retroactive immunity for performing illegal warrantless wiretapping at the behest of the government, of course. I remember well back when Obama was starting to get popular and people kept saying how he would be different and bring "hope" and "change", yet supported this attrocity:

Comment Already solved (Score 1) 519

"The desire to figure out how to bring ad blocking to mobile consumers is a worldwide phenomenon," says Roi Carthy Ad blocking, he says, "is an inalienable right."

This was already solved via firefox mobile + uBlock origin. I'll admit firefox mobile isn't really the best browser out there in terms of performance, but the ad blocking more than makes up for it, and it is the only browser I use on my phone.

Comment Re:sandboxing (Score 1) 371

Can it access the video card or TPM? It clearly MUST have access to some sort of hardware resources, otherwise the DRM scheme is completely useless (you could just grab the stream of anything decrypted via CPU). I seem to recall news sometime back about microsoft's drm scheme requiring video card driver support in order to secure the stream all the way to the monitor. Sandboxes have breakout vulnerabilities all the time (well, at least on linux... I have no idea how good windows' sandboxing is).

Comment Re:Any ideas for improvements? (Score 1) 342

To expand on this just a bit: I feel like the landing platform itself should somehow be helping the rocket land. It is like when you toss a ball up and catch it. If you just leave your hand at a certain height, the ball smacks into it real hard. But if you move your hand down with the ball as you catch it you provide a much smoother deceleration and it lands more softly. Obviously finding equipment and mechanisms that could assist a rocket will be hard though (massive ass weight and extremely hot fuel).

Comment Any ideas for improvements? (Score 1) 342

Watching this got me curious if there were any radical ideas that might help something like this work better. What if you fired a bunch of harpoons that latched on to the rocket as it approached to try to help guide it down? Although they would need to be on some kind of spinning track since the rocket could spin a lot, and any latches added to the rocket would almost certainly mess with the aerodynamics of it. So probably not that good of an idea. I dunno. I feel like there is room for improvement somewhere though.

Comment Re:So.. Why? (Score 1) 309

Just about everything the card does has already been done open source by nouveau, including the firmwares described in this article. It does change a bit between card generations, but not too much. You can already go read the reverse engineered source for these firmwares (go on, it is distributed with the linux kernel source). This is simply a matter of the card not accepting non-signed firmware. There are no trade secrets protected by this.

Comment Meh (Score 1) 267

I just use a completely random 13 digit alphanumeric password for my important stuff, and weaker more memorable passwords for random websites. Memorize the hard stuff for the important stuff. Calculator comes out to 401008959688303753940.6 years at one trillion guesses per second. Unless I did the math wrong... I ain't even give a fuck if someone gets the hash... the password practically already IS a hash.

Comment Compaq sk-2700 (Score 1) 452

I am still using the keyboard that came with our compaq presario from ~1995. This thing is a beast, you could develop some serious muscle just lifting it up all day. It has more stains on it than a motel mattress, the space behind the keys is a highly effective lint trap, and it has never been cleaned even once. It has also never broken even once, and it is the most comfortable thing I have ever typed on. The keys have an incredible amount of resistance to them and make an astonishingly loud noise when pressed. Perfect keyboard.

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