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Comment: Re:Correlation Does Not Imply Causation (Score 2) 275

by blackiner (#47752723) Attached to: The Evolution of Diet

Run 20 to 40 miles a week and you will sneeze at a 1.5 mile "jog" :)

Yeah... and I have found something that works extraordinarily well at burning fat: sprinting. I do a 15 min jog and then 10 reps of 20s sprints/10s rest. Somehow, this basically just completely bypasses the normal laws of physics and starts telling your body to burn fat immediately. I had been working out for years and still had some stubborn bits of fat left, but after sprinting I am eating more and still losing weight. Gotta be in pretty good shape already to try this, though.

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by blackiner (#47699493) Attached to: Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft
Well, pretty much I guess. I am a pretty big linux fan and use it for desktop usage (but also switch to windows occasionally). It doesn't work for everyone. I am glad that they at least tried though. MS these days isn't too horrible, so I can't get too mad. I am rather concerned about the massive flux in MS towards cloud computing, though. It is a clear move to lock people in. Hopefully stuff like openstack can keep the big name companies in line, and keep some modicum of power in the user's hands.

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I seem to recall a story a bit back about how Apple and Google no longer consider the concept of internal vs external network access even remotely useful, and that in today's networking world with ubiquitous BYOD and VPN, you MUST consider that attackers have complete access to your internal network. So yeah, put firewalls on the special servers, or put them behind a separate firewall and do something to guarantee nobody else has access to that network.

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This sort of mentality is precisely what is wrong with the country. Companies no longer invest in their country, in their local community. They instead see people as things to hire and fire at a whim, solely to suit their current needs. This of course leads them to go to great lengths creating 'education' reforms, and 'immigration' reforms, their way of creating more labor that they can exploit at will. Jobs get offshored, wages go down, companies no longer invest in employees, no longer train employees, and the nation's people suffer. Just look at our rising unemployment and lowering standard of living, the people are no longer being empowered, and general morale plummets. The end goal of modern corporate America is quite simple, really: The complete and utter commoditization of humanity.

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I am a pretty big fan of systemd myself, but it is not feasible on a lot of these devices for space reasons alone:

[kel@octogon ~]$ ls -l /lib/systemd/systemd
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1317648 Jul 8 08:13 /lib/systemd/systemd

And that is just the systemd binary, not including all of it's helper executables. The original WRT54G only had 4MB of flash on it, so systemd alone would take up more than 1/4 of the space. But you also need to get the kernel and a slew of userspace executables/libraries on there, and the 2.4 kernel just barely fit on the original WRT54G. The 2.6 kernel, and thus ipv6 support, was out of the question. I imagine systemd and a 2.6 based kernel would cut pretty heavily into the flash memory for even the newest of routers and be fairly unfeasible. If you run your routing off an actual PC though, it is fine.

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I've been eying this myself, since I would like to upgrade my card to 802.11ac at some point as well. There are two pieces to the puzzle, user space support, and kernel driver support. AFAIK, both are supported but you need fairly new software. The ath10k driver supposedly supports 802.11ac and was included in linux 3.11. I believe newer versions of hostapd support 802.11ac but can't find any specifics about what version it was included in, but the newer the version, the better (so, preferably 2.2). And of course you will need to find a wireless card that uses the ath10k driver. I run my router off a normal PC and have a distro with recent software so this is easy to do, but I have no idea what versions OpenWRT supports.

According to this everything should work:
But according to this there are mixed results:

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Reminds me of how my AI professor described AI. You have two types of AI, strong and weak, strong being something akin to a conscious thinking mind (and not even guaranteed to be possible at the moment), and weak being stuff like data mining, translation, speech-to-text, puzzle solvers, etc. She also let us know that things are only considered AI until they are solved, then they are just 'algorithms', which I think mirrors people's perceptions of AI quite nicely.

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Exactly what I thought when I read this. Basically they are only allowed to hold onto aluminum supplies for a limited amount of time (I guess to encourage them to sell instead of hoard it?). To get around this they would load it all up onto trucks and drive around for a bit, then take it back to the warehouse. This let them artificially control the aluminum supplies and make massive profits.

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Those are pretty good examples, and are also kind of how things become in MGS4+. In Metal Gear Rising, it is revealed that the private military companies that were prevalent in MGS4 go on to be contracted by major US cities to handle the entire police force. And some of these private military companies are extremely powerful, World Marshall in Rising being an example, being directed by a US senator who is going to run for president.

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