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Comment Re:file transfer (Score 1) 466

In addition to the above suggestion to get a USB to 2.5" IDE converter, if this is some old machine that is controlling a piece of industrial or scientific equipment, you could try using software like Acronis Trueimage to clone the contents of hard drive to the new(er) PC, and make it bootable.

Comment Re:Simple methodology (Score 1) 347

From my experience, it's easy to make bad estimates because bad estimates are easy to make. If it's a big project, take your worst possible guess, and multiply by 1.5.

I've found that this rule generally holds true for most projects which have complexity or labor involved.

In the case of construction and renovation, it doesn't even need to be that big of a job to exceed the worst case guesstimate multiplied by 1.5

Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 261

he problem with instant translation is that it undermines the choice of looking up or not. Memory comes from a really strong filter. Instant translations make you look up more words, many more than what your brain can remember. It's better you just learn 2 words from that book that will stay for life than 20 you'll have forgotten by tomorrow.

I have a simple fix your this issue of yours, make the search more tedious by forcing the user (you) to solve a Sudoku puzzle before the dictionary will give you the definition.

Comment Re:Everquest (Score 1) 101

If you'd tried Final Fantasy XIV and Wildstar, you'd have seen multiplayer difficulty levels that far eclipsed those of EQ1 and 2.

Wildstar had to lower difficulty levels significantly to preserve subscription numbers.

Though the Corpse Run mechanics of EQ1 arguably made it way more risky / intense / tedious depending on your perspective.

The full corpse looting in UO also greatly increased risk and "difficulty."

No modern MMO developer has been insane enough to dabble with these brutal mechanics, though Darkfall did go the open PvP, full corpse looting route, and couldn't gain any significant traction.

Comment Re:Anyone know how Zotac cards hold up? (Score 1) 66

The Step Up Program is only if a new model is released within 90 days of purchase.

They do have a pretty good warranty program though. I've only ever owned 2 EVGA motherboards, both died after about 12 - 18 months and were replaced, one died about a year after the other is still going strong.

Comment Don't see why not. (Score 2) 290

If they're palatable and economically harvestable, they're prime candidates for om nom nom nom.

The Chinese have a saying that roughly translates to: "If it swims, crawls or flies and its backbone faces the Sun, it's edible."

Lots of invertebrates and crustaceans that don't meet that criteria also still make it to the table. Heh.

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