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Comment Re:I'll post what I posted on another site (Score 2) 462

But how do you do that when you have so little screen space? Do you sacrifice content for UI?

My biggest complaint about the direction UI have been moving is that EVERYTHING is being shifted to this concept. My desktop monitor is the size of a small television, you don't need to hide everything in tiny drop-down menus. Because designers are trying to make all interfaces the same they are working to the smallest denominator (phone screen) instead of optimizing interfaces for their intended usage.

Comment One device to rule them all (Score 2) 169

Does not exist. I've never heard of a Garmin that only has a 3 hour battery life, I think you may have gotten a lemon. I don't think Apple makes a nano/shuffle with bluetooth so she may end up using her phone for music. The GPS on the phone apps is not as good as Garmin or the other running watches so you will end up with at least 2 devices. I recommend the Garmin 220 for the watch, I don't have a good answer for music.

Comment Missing the point (Score 1) 287

This entire premise is flawed. The purpose of a PC is to do "something", it's purpose is to serve as a delivery system for some form of software. The purpose of a car is to provide transportation. In the first case the hardware is there to provide a platform for the software, in the latter the hardware (the car) is the point. Unless there is some cool new app that will teleport people the car will always be more important than the fancy apps it can run.

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