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Comment Missing the point (Score 1) 287

This entire premise is flawed. The purpose of a PC is to do "something", it's purpose is to serve as a delivery system for some form of software. The purpose of a car is to provide transportation. In the first case the hardware is there to provide a platform for the software, in the latter the hardware (the car) is the point. Unless there is some cool new app that will teleport people the car will always be more important than the fancy apps it can run.

Comment Why? (Score 1) 234

I do not use Uber, but based on everything I have heard on this company's business practices, treatment of it's drivers, threats made to journalist, and now learning that the app is scraping every bit of data possible from people's phones I have to ask "Why are you using this app? Is it really that much better than calling a cab?"

Comment No more appointment TV (Score 2) 320

Saturday morning cartoons weren't killed by the internet, they were killed by the DVR. My kids only recenlty became aquainted with the concept of "you have to wait for them to show the next episode". Saturday mornings at our house are devoted to binge watching a week's worth of Pokemon, Gravity Falls, and Phineas & Pherb.

Comment Take Responsibility (Score 1) 137

Every memember of my family has a Kindle. The Free Time app prevents all in-app purchases regardless of what the App Store settings are. If I let the kids turn off Free Time I still get an email almost instantly when any purchase is made. Amazon has done their due dilligence, if people are still having huge bills racked up by their children they need to look in the mirror for the guilty party.

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