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Comment Re:Uhmmmm (Score 1) 620

yeah outside of IT, I have used a tensile test machine well over 100 years old and about the size of a coach used to break steel ropes and slings. (uk sheffield test in the 90's) Doesn't even run on electricity it's water powered and can apply 100's of tonnes of force. Had to stand behind a metal guard with cracked glass holding a pointer against the rope. There was strands of wire rope embedded in the ceiling...

Amazing old rig it's probably still working today.


Comment 1980's sheffield 5pence (Score 1) 654

In the 1980's Sheffield city (4th largest city in the uk) had bus fares at 5p 10p and double that after midnight. with the late buses leaving the city centre a little after 2 am , the clubs closed at 2am.

In the morning rush it might be the third bus that came past that you would catch. The first 2 being full already but that'd mean you had been at the bus stop for 10 minutes. 3 services going to different parts on the out skirts the routes converged and each service running every 10 minutes at peak times .

It worked well, because the buses were cheap people found them more economical than driving to work and parking all day. Because there were less cars on the road traffic flowed, the bus journey was quick, without holdups. Because regular folk used them, they were safe and clean. If you were a smoker, you had to ride on the top deck (yes smoking on public transport, seats were nicer downstairs). There was even kneeling buses which lowered the bus so wheel chair users and mothers with buggies could get on and off easily. The buses were subsidized but to everyones advantage, and 2 sets of doors get on and pay at the front get off via the side door, no waiting for people to get off before you could get on max 88 passengers. oh and the routes ran across the city centre to the opposite side, + circular buses that ran the outer ring road.

Then maggie forced the council to stop subsidising buses and opened up the routes to competition.

The rise in fares resulted in more car's commuting in. the deregulation resulted in over provision on popular routes and under provision for less popular routes. traffic jams with a large number of near empty buses with journeys taking longer to complete.

so done well everyone benefits and gets home quickly. done badly well bigger roads were needed but not budgeted for.


Submission + - Does Windows slow down Windows?

blackest_k writes: I recently reinstalled windows7 home on a laptop a factory restore minus the shovel ware did all the windows updates and it was reasonably snappy. 4 weeks later its running like a slug and now 34 more updates to install. The system is clear of malware there are very few additional programs other than chrome browser.

It appears that windows slows down windows! Has anyone benchmarked windows7 as installed and then again as updated? Even better has anybody identified any windows update that put the slug into sluggish?

Comment Re:What is on there already (Score 1) 175

not really i used picasa web albums as backup a while back and google synced up a bunch of stuff, mostly junk and now its been gathered together in google photo's.

There is nothing there i am concerned about, other people may have more 'sensitive' private images that they may not want stored on google's servers.

on the other hand people lose phones or have them stolen and mostly they are concerned about the lost photo's of grand children and stuff like that. for them it's a life line they probably didn't know they had.

Comment Re:What is on there already (Score 1) 175

well some of them are picasa web albums , there is also an autoback on android which works in the background. Google has its dropbox folder on each account and thats not picky over what it backs up i think i had a linux distro on one microsd card and most if not all the icons (around 1000) ended up in there.

As another poster said it is a tad awkward to delete on mass the rubbish.

I really don't have 'sensitive' photo's connected to google. though so saying be careful setting up chromecasts particularly for other people as it's very easy to end up sharing your photo's on someone elses chromecast backdrop.

Comment What is on there already (Score 4, Interesting) 175

I just went to the site and Its already got photo's of mine from yesterday to 2009. I'm sure most of those are only good for the bin. However it could be a good thing in some cases. Say you photographed something sensitive like the police using excessive force, well that can't be deleted from your phone now.

on the other hand there are some terrible photo's such as when you accidentally click the shutter..

you might want to check to see what you're sharing with google already.

Comment Google Executive Dan Fredinburg killed on Everest (Score 1) 114

Google executive Dan Fredinburg was among 18 people killed on Mount Everest after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake ravaged Nepal on Saturday.

A woman who identified herself as Fredinburg's younger sister, Megan, said on his Instagram page that he had a major head injury after the avalanche triggered by the quake. He didn't survive.

The catastrophic earthquake Saturday killed more than 1,300 people and leveled ancient buildings in the Nepali capital of Kathmandu. The quake was so strong that it also killed people in nearby India, Bangladesh, and Tibet.

Fredinburg â" who was head of privacy for Google X â" survived last year's deadly avalanche on Mount Everest, according to media reports and his Instagram account.

Comment Re:That makes sense (Score 2) 178

PDF is an output format all the structure that went into the document has been removed pretty much.

While you can get to the elements of a pdf document its very difficult to reformat them. for example say there is text in 2 columns selecting them you get a single column with the left side from column 1 and the right side from column 2 scrambling the sentences to make nonsense. The structure has been left in the word processing document. which is where you must return in order to use a smaller page size for example.

There are a number of formats where you can classify the file as output for example jpeg loses the raw data even an mp3 or audio file which may have had 24 tracks you can't just remove the drums...

The physical world is full of non editable things.
So no you don't need a pdf editor you need the word processor document which the pdf was generated from.

Comment Re:"Free" with restrictions is not Free! (Score 1) 198

The headline was bad, as it doesn't include the qualification.

It is a limited qualified version of free.
Free to learn on, is about it.
If you get good at it and show some talent you might be suitable for hiring by pixar.
I don't think there is anything of interest for programmers there either.

It is kinda cool that they have released this cross platform, but you can see how its a little self serving for pixar. Clearly they seem to want a cut of any profits that might be made from a small independent film maker using this software.

This release basically targets potential recruits that should need less training if pixar finds them talented.
maybe i'm too cynical

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