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Comment: Re: A fool and their money (Score 4, Informative) 266

once you get below the level of the water table you find water.
similar story just outside blarney apart from no douser involved just a big drill that went down until water was found. Ireland has no shortage of water. Outside the cities septic tanks are usual and wells are fairly common place. With water charges coming in for domestic water, there may be a little boom in well digging.

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by blackest_k (#47571019) Attached to: Amazon's eBook Math

cheaper books , good for me, but i also like going out to book stores to find something interesting.
in the long term, the book stores go out of business now its harder to find interesting books.

long term the prices will tend to rise as competition has been eliminated to a large extent.

Amazon is winning too much, it seems as if kindle is becoming synonomous with ebook reader. Thats not a good thing, no additional storage, no pdf support , no library support. Trouble is they do sell ebooks cheaper. I've jist picked up a sony their store has gone and the kobo book store app says i'm not living in a supported region. It runs a locked version of android, which could support the kindle app.
Which might be better for sony and me.

Comment: People should look where they are going (Score 4, Interesting) 128

by blackest_k (#47521245) Attached to: The Psychology of Phishing

The one that seems to catch people out is the link which they click on in a mail in gmail.
that takes them to
which presents them with a message like session expired please login to your gmail account and the top line already has their email address all they need do is enter their password.

Most people don't question why would that happen a few seconds after clicking on the link
quite possibly because Google and facebook don't take you straight to a link they log it first by an intermediate page and then redirect you to the destination (i see it all the time on my slow connection).
The page looks authentic and they tend not to look at the address bar and see the bolded address
often its a site like a random jumble of characters just like the ones a site like google and facebook use all the time. People are used to seeing this sort of thing
e.g of this address (taken from the address on this page) only make any sense to most people and thier eyes glaze over beyond the initial

Thats a problem without any training in website design then its pretty hard to tell the real from the fake.
Thing is once an email account has been harvested it immediately sends out a 100 emails to the address book of that user and the same thing happens again.

Most people think they had thier email hacked not realising they gave away thier password.
kind of hard to stop people for falling for this sort of thing. The emails are even clever enough to redirect to an alternative page once the fake webmail page has been brought up once.

People here would say its because people are stupid, but most people just don't have enough knowledge or interest in this area to know when something is fake or genuine.

It is probably impossible to fix especially when the sites we use everyday use random looking charactor sequences as part of the url.

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by blackest_k (#47304211) Attached to: Linux Mint 17 KDE Released

I do it with gparted
I have a usb hard drive with 3 operating systems windows 7 linux mint and av linux (debian 6.06)
booting with av i can put windows7 and mint on any system easily with gparted. The only quirk is windows7 always needs the destination partition increasing in size by 1mb.
once the o/s is on a quick chroot to the new linux partion then grub-install update-grub then reboot to the new linux install then update-grub again this gets rid of the usb installs being in the menu reboot this time choose windows loader boot to windows it then sets up any new drivers required. (if you don't wipe out the windows hidden system partition it stays registered)

The main advantage is i can prepare a single system fully update it and roll out as needed.
I can even create a virtual drive with virtualbox configure it as a dual boot configure it as needed and write that out to a physical usb drive and use it as the image to deploy. I generally resize the partitions to make them as small as possible then expand them if needed.
Once you have good base images you can customise them as required for each deployment.

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by blackest_k (#47209935) Attached to: Alienware Swaps SteamOS For Windows

What would be interesting to see is the difference in performance between the two operating systems running the same games on identical hardware.

If there is a performance advantage to steamos then gamers will use it. Smart gamers will dualboot if there are games they want to play that are not available for one os but are for the other.

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by blackest_k (#47200969) Attached to: America 'Has Become a War Zone'

If chickens are only getting killed when the neighbors dog is locked up then you can say the neighbors dog is not killing any chickens when its locked up, something else is.

If some chickens are getting killed while the dog isn't locked up the dog might be killing chickens, or it might be guarding chickens or have nothing to do with the killing of chickens.

Seems like you need to be watching the chickens to find out what is killing them.

Farmer at the back of me last year was having problems with dogs killing sheep (3 dogs running together in the early hours usually) I actually saw the dogs one time and heard them a couple of times as did other neighbors we never saw the dogs individually going after sheep or find out whose dogs they were. In the end the farmer got a donkey which bonded with the sheep and after that no more sheep have been killed to date.

Seems like the ram was capable of stopping an individual dog but got mauled badly with 3 of them working together, with the donkey on side the attacks stopped but we never did find out where the dogs were coming from.

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by blackest_k (#47081827) Attached to: Fiat Chrysler CEO: Please Don't Buy Our Electric Car

The price of fuel is just one part of the costs of running a vehicle.
Maybe you don't have road tax in your locality but for me the difference between my current 1 litre car and my old 1.6 litre car is about â400 a year, The car insurance around another â200 and there is a fuel saving of around 10-20% thats maybe another â500 Then there is depreciation which is hard to quantify but generally economical cars hold value better than ones that cost more to run.

It's clear to me that choosing a small car to run has saved me money, maybe in a few years an electric car will be an option for me. Typically I drive 30 miles a day so an old electric car with a weak and expensive to replace battery pack maybe ideal.

Comment: make money fast :) (Score 1) 196

So let me see if I have this right
connect to a torrent and collect $10 from each person torrenting the file by notifying the ISP of the infringement, aint that great I can leach off this copyrighted stuff and make a bundle.

Using the DMCA, I thought A was for America anyway.

So which is the biggest paracite? The torrenters or RightsCorp?

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motorcycles in the UK are allowed to make thier own lane. That said you should always proceed with caution, I would guess i'd have been doing 10 - 15mph tops filtering through. There is no need for speed in that kind of traffic.

You see a lot of novices who burn away from the lights to be sat at the next red for a minute while you casually saunter up and sit beside them. There are actually some pretty good traffic engineers who time the lights so they go green as you approach them if your travelling at a sensible speed if you go faster you meet another red light.

Another pet peev of mine is drivers who will enter a junction and can't clear it blocking traffic entering from another direction and causing traffic to back up further than it would if they had just waited a while. It's noticably different driving in the UK and driving in Ireland in the UK drivers tend to follow the rules of the road to a greater extent than in Ireland. Irish drivers tend to block junctions more often than not and if everyones doing it then you end up having to do the same, although to be fair the timings tend to be less well thought out than in the UK. Although in Ireland you may get let out of a minor road sooner than you would in the UK.
  Another difference is in driver ability and training, Ireland has a lot of provisional driving licence holders who have driven for years without ever having taken a test. The situation is improving in recent years but there is still a tollerance that you wouldn't get in the UK.

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