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Comment: Re:Don't be silly (Score 4, Insightful) 118

by blackest_k (#49088353) Attached to: New Android Trojan Fakes Device Shut Down, Spies On Users

I think its fair to say that it takes a user to install it first, linux has pretty much always had trustworthy repositories, Google not so much.

I love some of the things you can add to chrome but there seems to be little to no security checking of what an app or extension does. That does worry me.

Comment: Re:Ten times stronger? (Score 5, Informative) 106

by blackest_k (#49072607) Attached to: Nanotech Makes Steel 10x Stronger

Actually it does make sense small cracks do concentrate stresses at the head of the V which break through the crystal structure a layer at a time.

As a simple demo get a piece of paper and pull on it, you will find it pretty hard to tear it , now just nick the edge of the paper and try again, you should find it yields quite easily.

The tensile strength of steel would be a lot higher if it wasn't full of imperfections. incidentally there are two crystal structures you get with steel face centered cubic and body centered cubic

now the interesting thing about this is that when you cool down steel rapidly you get one form and slowly you get the other form so if your quenching something more than a foot thick you get both types of crystals since heat just isn't removed fast enough from the centre. the larger crystal structure is in the centre and the smaller crystal structure is on the outside. This means the inside is trying to be bigger than the outside. so the outer surfaces are massively stressed. like a bomb stressed seriously. You can't cut through steel stressed like this with a saw as the cutting would unbalance the stresses and it would blow apart, so you have to do something called plunge grinding which is done in a massive lathe with a grinding wheel taking it down equally on all sides.

This is what happens when you produce a roll for a cold rolling mill the outside is very hard with a softer core. Usually the forces are lower than the uts of the steel but sometimes it isn't and you get catastrophic failures. generally this happens in the quenching tank where its safe you normally hear a few bangs as lumps of steel spawl off from the outside followed by a boom as the roll breaks apart and goes crashing down to the bottom of the tank.

Rarely they fail after the heat treatment, joe the hardness tester where i used to work was nearly killed by one. he'd hardness tested it around 12pm (the hardness was abnormally high around 890 vickers) an hour later it blew apart a ton and a half of journal end was launched across the factory floor missing his legs by inches. he was off work for a week after with the shock. We also had a used roll blow up in a storage warehouse one weekend and it took a wall out, this had been in service and had been worn down to below a serviceable size. Even after all that time it was still stressed ...

back on topic , it seems reasonable that by removing the sites for cracks to occur the uts of the steel will be much higher, normally the way round the problem is to make the thing bigger that way the forces applied will not break the cross section of course that makes it heavier and harder to work with which is why its a specialized area like drilling where this has been applied, with the plating thicknesses used the cost will be way higher than for the regular steel pipes, i'd expect probably more than 10x the cost but the rig would be able to drill deeper and that's what matters, and the return on that makes the drilling costs look like peanuts.

Comment: Re:Hardware doesnt really matter (Score 1) 177

by blackest_k (#49009277) Attached to: The First Ubuntu Phone Is Here, With Underwhelming Hardware

funny thing i'm writing a reply to you on a netbook with a 1024 by 600 screen. Physically bigger than the phone screen. Possibly comparable cpu with the n270 in this netbook too. Maybe a little light on ram. However it seems this was a phone designed for android so at least shares the specifications of an android phone.

The question that intrigues me is will this phone upgrade like a pc or will its first and last operating system be the one that it ships with? Can it switch distro maybe run an arm version of debian ?

Is it open enough?

The spec seems reasonable, not stella but its a phone i think the gpu will be up to the job of playing youtube video's and capable enough for web browsing. I'm tired of throwaway android devices that don't get updates it might be ok. The article basically says nothing about the software at all and that is the difference between it running android and running linux.

+ - A pdf reader that lets you read a screen full at a time? 4

Submitted by blackest_k
blackest_k (761565) writes "Ok here is the problem I can't fit a whole page of a pdf file on screen the document is tall and my screen is wide. So I set zoom to page width, if i scroll by page around 2/3rds of the page is skipped. The only other ways are pressing the down arrow for every line or trying to use the scroll bar which a slight slip can move you + or — 50 pages.

What i'm looking for is a pdf reader that can break a pdf page into screen size chunks and give me a shortcut key to go to the next chunk. So I can read it as i would a book. Does anyone have a reader that works for pdf files."

Comment: Re:Fraudulent herbal supplements? (Score 1) 412

by blackest_k (#48984021) Attached to: Major Retailers Accused of Selling Fraudulent Herbal Supplements

It's all about personal choice
I can't dictate what you eat, no one can really unless your in prison or similar.
There is more than just one type of potato , tomato , cabbage carrots onions ect.
They are different and some of us know enough to choose which varieties to use. If GMO matters to some people then they should be able to choose to eat it or not.

I guess we all have our quirks about what we eat personally i don't like banana's revolting things there is nothing wrong with them. I choose not to eat them.

You probably like them so more banana's for you.

GMO food may be cheaper but it will not kill anyone if they choose to not to eat it.

why is it a problem for you for people to be informed of what they are eating, you wouldn't stand to be force fed what you don't like. Why is it a problem for you if some people choose not to eat GMO.

Your not my mammy, you can't make me eat what I don't want to eat.

Comment: Re:just want I wanted! (Score 1) 307

by blackest_k (#48975855) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows For Raspberry Pi 2

I find it hard to imagine windows 7 running well in 400MB of ram, In practice taskmanager has shown booting to the desktop taking around 1GB A Windows 7 desktop is pretty much unusable with 1GB of ram 1.5GB at least lets you boot up and run office or a web browser.

previous experience with XP has found it sluggish with 512 MB but reasonable with 756MB 2000 is very zippy on 512MB and great in a VM. Some of the linux desktops are pretty bad in a VM especially unity but xubuntu is quite usable.


Comment: Re: Fraudulent herbal supplements? (Score 1) 412

by blackest_k (#48975429) Attached to: Major Retailers Accused of Selling Fraudulent Herbal Supplements

well to be fair I don't think even the biggest racists in the world have problems with black people labouring in fields. Besides your not eating the workers, hopefully.

You do get meat pies but generally its labeled as to the meats included, one i don't like is mechanically reclaimed meat which basically comes from steam cleaning the bones. Another one is things like southern fried chicken gougons made with 100% chicken breast and bulked up with soya (in the small print).

if you want to eat dog or cat food thats fine by me , just don't expect me to join you for supper.
Do you like good strawberries the ones locallly grown which are full flavoured or the rubbery ones the supermarkets get in which are capable of surviving being shipped in the back of a trick. you do know there are mainly types. Cheese there are lots of different types like cheddar, (mild, mature ...) red Leicester, Edam... ect. Then you get the squirty cheese in a can called squirty cheese . with meats on a single animal you get lots of different cuts and maturity. All striploin isn't the same a good one you can practically put your finger through it and a bad one will be like chewing rubber.

Good food you should try it some time.

Comment: Re:Fraudulent herbal supplements? (Score 1) 412

by blackest_k (#48974643) Attached to: Major Retailers Accused of Selling Fraudulent Herbal Supplements

I guess you could say the same about horse meat in pork or beef after all its just as safe as anything else. However it did cause a big scandal recently.

Or take your average supermarket chickens some most even are battery farmed in cages, some are free range some are corn fed (corn fed are actually a different color and visibly different). But they are all as safe as anything else.

Then there are burgers which are made from meat unfit for human consumption until washed in ammonia, not listed as an ingredient as its part of the process.

Or as george bush senior once said "I don't like brocolli' why not its as safe as anything else.

See there's the thing people choose what they want to eat and have their likes and dislikes so if they prefer not to eat something because it is gmo why should anybody trick them into eating something they do not want to. Like the battery farmed chicken and the free range version, you may just prefer to pay the premium for free range chicken.

America seems to have a thing for cheap food, trouble is there is potential for a lot of upset if people really know what they are eating and there seems to be pressure to avoid honest labeling. A recent label 100% pure fruit juice (contains 27% fruit juice). To be fair the best way to avoid eating stuff you don't want to eat is to buy fresh ingredients instead of food from a factory. Takes a little more time to prepare maybe, but worth while.

Comment: Re:But the inevitable (Score 2) 165

by blackest_k (#48866201) Attached to: Time For Microsoft To Open Source Internet Explorer?

They are still levering it though, would you believe you can't set IE 10 or 11 home page through group policy unless you are running server 2012 or windows 8

But then again Chrome is installed on all our systems anyway and google provide policy settings for Chrome. Yes it is annoying locking the home page but some times great idea's are handed down from on high.

Comment: Re:Not always Free Speech (Score 1) 88

by blackest_k (#48788231) Attached to: Chilling Effects DMCA Archive Censors Itself

"jon wolf photography"

thats interesting you see last week I was getting a notice at the bottom of the page telling me some results may have been removed under the european right to be forgotten laws

Just googled that now and there is no notice. (The notice didn't tell me who or why) unlike ones for movies which often give a list of urls where you might find a movie download or a project on github.

Not having the notice means there is no incentive for me to keep digging

this all started when someone bid at a charity for a $500 gift voucher for a photography session with him. they wanted 3 images he said it would be an additional $900 dollars after thats paid, then he said it would be another $9000 for 3 prints! talk about bait and switch...

Googling him revealed that in 2011 there was a 9 year girl shot and he decided to sue the media for breaching his copyright by showing the parents holding a photograph of the dead girl ( he took the photograph) 2 days after the girls death he went to the parents to get a commercial release for the photo... I believe the parents had to trademark or copyright the girls name to stop her being exploited.

So thats what I could find even with right to be forgotten but it seems there was more I couldn't find, that google wouldn't show me but kind of inferred existed.

Today no notice, I just remember it was there last week my next search I will not have a clue as to what has been hidden.

Maybe this is why yahoo seems to be pulling back a little in search, seems I need a new search engine.

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