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Comment Re:Icons are a waste of time (Score 1) 173 173

>> I hope they haven't afflicted AZERTY keyboards on you.

I remember the difficulty I had in sending an email from an AZERTY keyboard because no one told me about alt-right. Since english keyboards come with 2 shifts, 2 controls, and 2 alt keys we were never told some can do other things.

Comment Re:Part of a general pattern (Score 2) 426 426

Fukushima was built in the late 60s, when nuclear was the wave of the future. But rather than build new reactors and decommission old ones they run those same old reactors until they literally fall apart. Nuclear power construction has improved since then but the only people getting new, updated, clean reactors aren't Japan or the US. If anything Fukushima residents should be blaming TEPCO first and the government second. The former should have shut it down ages ago and the latter should be authorizing new plants to be built.

Comment Re:Not Dead on Arrival (Score 2) 260 260

Besides the camera and lock switch boondoggle can you list what theses deficiences are in the original iPad. I do remember it being able to check email, read calendar, contacts, appstore, and a browser. That covers about 95% of what people want in a tablet.

In RIMs case I can understand the calendar ommision but email? Really?

Comment Re:Arrogant Ignorance? (Score 1) 2288 2288

And this ladies and gentlemen is why metric never took hold in the US. Really stupid examples like this. A yard is a grouping of 3 feet, just like a dozen is a grouping of single items. But no one seriously converts a feet to miles. You might as well be converting seconds into years.

A mile is, historically, 1000 steps.

Comment Re:Don't know why - but I like it (Score 1) 2288 2288

You are right, but the example you use to prove your point is so wrong. Wood is bought in standard sizes so lets say 2ft, 3ft or 4ft. You could go into the shop and ask them to cut specifically 37.36cm. They'll be happy to do it and charge you by the cut as well.

Comment Re:Because we can. (Score 1) 2288 2288

220kPa. I only know this because my tires mark their optimal pressure. And they are written right next to each other.

I use metrics and imperial interchangeably because I learned both and it's not that difficult, but YMMV. I prefer the weather in Fahrenheit, long distances in kilometers, short distances in feet. I cook in imperial but shop in metric. Some things I'll never use because they have useless day to day. ie, slugs, stones. The centimeter is too course and the milimeter is too fine. I'll use them if I have to but I prefer 1/2", 1/4", 1/8".

In fact, the only argument most people that want the metric system is so you can measure better. But outside of school when was the last time any of us really measured something. You go to the store and you buy things by the bottle, the box, or the bag. They could put on the label a gallon, 4.5 liters, or 10 flugals and it wouldn't matter.

Comment Re:Princeton has very short leases. (Score 1) 309 309

A DHCP lease is like a real life contract. It's not like the phones weren't told the lease expires in an hour, it's part of the package. So the lease says this address is good for 3 hours and the phones ignore that, so who's at fault? Certainly not the DHCP server.

Comment Re:Were Apple right? (Score 1) 436 436

Choice is good, which is why you can choose a phone that supports Flash or not. You can also choose to develop a mobile site with or without Flash knowing that 50% of the mobile browsers won't see it at all.

I honestly believe that if Apple decided to include flash in the iPhone then other, better suited, frameworks would be ignored. Most web developers stick to what they know and Flash has been a vise and a noose for far too long.

Comment Re:You have to learn to crawl, before you can walk (Score 1) 480 480

Interesting, I did not know that. My son was many things: a wiggler, a rider, a stander, and a walker, but he never crawled. And it wasn't because our floors were dirty. They were 150 year old wooden floors. They've seen every different type of flooring trend in that time (tiles, linoleum, carpet, etc) and are probably soaked in chemicals. Chemicals that I prefer he has as little contact as possible with.

Comment Re:What if he loses (Score 1) 878 878

Funny you bring up MLK considering it was him who invited the news cameras to show how fucked up the police were in the south. Before that when there was news of dead people at a civil rights protest people would chalk it up to uppity niggers. After the cameras arrived recording footage of people being assaulted at sit-ins, being attacked by dogs, or being so brutally beat they couldn't be identified only then did you get change.

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