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Comment: Hrm... (Score -1) 270

by black mariah (#37780676) Attached to: OS X Notifier App Growl Goes Closed Source
So this Perry Metzger dude forked Growl, gets pissy when the developers tell him to screw off, then goes onto Google Groups and blasts shit about how Growl should be expelled from Google Code because it's "not open source" and now costs money. Perry Metzger... submitter? Probably. One pissy little bitch with an axe to grind.

Comment: Get in line (Score -1) 290

by black mariah (#37644402) Attached to: Looking Beyond Detroit For Engine Innovation
Yet another in the very long line of home inventors that suddenly "discover" an idea that's been around for a very long time and subsequently shit themselves with anger when "Detroit" doesn't give two fucks about them. News flash: The auto industry spends billions of dollar a year in research and development. You are meaningless. What you have is not even a drop in their bucket. Quit kidding yourself that you have done anything revolutionary and just find a goddamn niche and make some money. Fucking twatholes...

Comment: Re:Pot, meet kettle (Score -1, Insightful) 436

by black mariah (#37462186) Attached to: Feds Call Full-Tilt Poker a 'Global Ponzi Scheme'
Organized crime, shithead. To the tune of, apparently, $330 million goddamn dollars. THAT is serious fucking crime. THAT needs to be fucking punished. When you grow up and move out of your parents house you'll finally understand why taking money without the owner's permission is a bad thing.

Comment: Moron submitter (Score -1) 96

by black mariah (#37151264) Attached to: New Mexico Spaceport Nearly Ready For Business
"I don't know how many people will be able to afford such a trip, outside of Las Vegas, Hollywood, Cupertino, Redmond, and few retirees, but I suppose they are thinking that they can make their money back with this project in the long term. Touring the space frontier seems a little steep. A lot of people are just trying to make living in a home a reality without being foreclosed on." Dumbass post. Your ancestors probably stood alongside the first automobile and said aloud "Do we REALLY need this thing? I mean, only the rich can afford it. I'm going to go suck my own penis now." Fucking douchebag. Who gives a fuck about foreclosures? Get a goddamn job, fucking losers.

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