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Comment: A person prone to distraction (Score 1) 367

by bl968 (#46599231) Attached to: More Than 1 In 4 Car Crashes Involve Cellphone Use

Will be a distracted driver. It doesn't matter if it's the phone, the radio, the billboard they were passing going down the street. It's a minority who are distracted drivers. Perhaps a test to identify easily distracted drivers, and to ban them from driving would be a better course of action and a use of reseach dollars.

Comment: Luxotica (Score 3, Interesting) 125

by bl968 (#46572435) Attached to: Google Glass Signs Deal With Ray Ban's Parent Company

I posted this story a few years ago about Luxotica...

What makes glasses so expensive? Oblong plastic lenses? Plastic and metal frames? No, we’re getting screwed!

Those of us who need prescription eyewear need prescription eyewear. Are you wearing yours to read this? Imagine if you weren’t. Imagine life without your glasses for a year, a week, an hour. Yet many health insurance plans, especially for the unemployed or self-employed, don’t cover them.


Comment: My cancellation email. (Score 1) 276

by bl968 (#46478427) Attached to: Amazon Hikes Prime Membership Fee

"I warned you that if you increased the price for prime that this would happen, and I would cancel my account. I was not joking. It's also going to cost you my next tablet purchase. I was looking at a kindle fire hdx but without prime it's not as good of a deal as it would have been otherwise. I am looking at alternative tablets from other manufacturers now. I hope your 20$ price increase was worth the loss of my business."

Comment: You describe a car (Score 1) 226

by bl968 (#46339521) Attached to: Google Fighting Distracted Driver Laws

A car is an portable electronic device. It may be powered by gas but that turns a generator which provides electricity. Many of the car components are electronic. Most cars are powered by a computer.

Also a speed limit sign is a bigger distraction than google glass ever could be and it requires you to take your eyes off the road to check to ensure that you are going the proper speed limit under penalty of law. Checking my speed got me in one accident when a driver in front came to a sudden stop far from a turn or intersection, and I was found at fault.

Distracted drivers will be distracted drivers even if you put blinders and ear muffs on them and lock their heads into position where they can only see the road.

Comment: Partner (Score 2) 162

by bl968 (#46258337) Attached to: NSA Ally Spied on US Law Firm

The correct word is partner. The reason they have the five eyes )Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States) is so that they can work their ways around laws in one country by having another country do the spying then sharing the information back to the country that wanted the data to begin with. It's all about getting around the laws and as the article said "The bulletin notes only that the counsel’s office “provided clear guidance” and that the Australian agency “has been able to continue to cover the talks, providing highly useful intelligence for interested US customers.”"

That means that the information was provided to American intelligence agencies and that they are violating the clear prohibition against spying on Americans.

Comment: Spoofing permits attacks here's the solution (Score 1) 92

by bl968 (#46256107) Attached to: 200-400 Gbps DDoS Attacks Are Now Normal

Then make the originating network legally and financially responsible for not filtering the spoofed packets originating from their network with a IDP (Internet Death Protocol) for any networks which do not fix their network within 3 days following a attack launched from their network.

Comment: Why would they want to. (Score 1) 173

by bl968 (#46242611) Attached to: Federal Smartphone Kill-Switch Legislation Proposed

Could be anything from insurrection, a terrorist attack, a plague, to a Christoph Dornier type manhunt. A hacker would certainly find it entertaining to disable their targets cell phones. remember the movie the Net, Enemy of the State, Swordfish, or a dozen others. The only person who should be able to disable a phone should be the owner of the phone, and law enforcement with the owners permission; or a court order identifying the specific phone to be disabled.

+ - Proof Comcast Throttles Netflix-> 8

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Matt Vukas has done some (not so thorough) testing to prove that Comcast is definitely throttling Netflix after the FCC gave the green-light. On comcast network, Netflix is slow. Still using the same network, but with an added VPN layer, which should be slower, Netflix is suddenly back to normal speed."
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