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by bjwest (#47681161) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Recliner For a Software Developer?
Spending quality time with family does not mean constant interaction between all parties. Just being in the same room, while each does their own thing, is quality time. If something pops in your mind, you're right there to discus it. Likewise if there's something your children have on their mind, you're right there.

This is where the family room developed, and it's also exactly what the current "social media" crap is trying to emulate.

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How do you keep your keys from scratching your smartphone?

Don't keep them in the same pocket?

I hold my phone in my left hand because I'm right handed, so I keep it in my left pocket. I use my keys with my right hand, so they stay in my right pocket. Up until I got my first cell phone small enough to fit in a pocket comfortably, my left pockets (both front and rear) remained unused.

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What kind of honest lives? We probably can't rule out the possibility that they can, in the future, tape your sex act at home from all the way in space. So in that case we should stop having kids then? That would get rid of most of the human race pretty quick

Thinking sex between consenting people is dishonest, shameful and/or immoral has led to many of the draconian laws on the books today.

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My theory is they consider Linux users to all be hackers and they're sure that we'll find a way to destroy their DRM if they allow a Linux client.

If I (and I'm sure 99.9% of Linux users) really wanted a DRM free copy of something I watch on NetFlix, I'd not go through the trouble of de-DRMing it myself, I'd just download the damn thing form the many places it's already DRM free. I pay a premium for NetFlix with two DVD/Blue Ray disks and unlimited streaming. Id' like be able to watch steaming on my Linux computer. Same goes for Amazon Prime. All the crap you have available for streaming is already available at a multitude of places. You aren't preventing shit from getting lose.

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won't listen to me in person or try to help me, why would Skype be any better? I haven't had a prescription in over thirty years.

I think if you're still alive after 30 years, you probably didn't really need those meds after all.

There's a reason some medication needs a prescription from a doctor. They aren't supposed to give you what you ask for.

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[leaning over the bridge to talk to you...]

I'm commenting on an internet forum, not writing a dissertation. I quickly read over my post to see if it makes sense and look for red squiggly underlines, then hit submit, or preview, here on /., and may or may not quickly read over it again before final submission. If you such a nerd, then you know damn well what I was saying. If this kind of mistake bothers you so much, add me to your ignore list and don't read my posts. You'll find many mistakes like this in my online posts, here and on other forums, and there will be more in the future. If I were getting paid to write, or writing something official, I'd take more care. I'm not, so read it or fuck off, makes no big fuck to me either way.

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Anyone interested in an electronics degree, just like those interested in CS of any type (IT, programming, networking, whatever), should already know the basics. The sciences are not something you just decide to do on enrollment day and expect to be good at. There are certain skills and aptitudes that need to be in place, a way of thinking out problems that cannot be easily learned, and not having an interested in them until you're deciding on your future carer on college enrollment day, is setting yourself up for failure.

If you're in it for the money, you're going to suck as a professional in any science, and you're work will be sub par.

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Like all corporate endeavorers, the motive is money. In a year or so when O3b files for bankruptcy, one of the big three (Comcast, AT&T or Verizon) will buy up the infrastructure for pennies on the dollar. The built out fees get eliminated in the bankruptcy, and then the profits start rolling in, just as planed.

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It turns our that most people get the Paleo diet wrong. The diets of these people would differ wildly depending on the land they occupied

Even more people get wrong the fact that the diet part of Paleo (it's more of a lifestyle, which includes exercise) isn't about eating like our paleolithic ancestors, (which would be impossible to do) but rather eating similar to them. The main portion of the diet includes unprocessed meat, vegetables and fruits, or as little processing as possible.

Oh, fermented foods are good as well.

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You would rather the unemployed remain so, rather than get a job, however little the pay?

United States unemployment: 6.3% minimum wage: US$7.25 per hour

Australia unemployment: 5.8% minimum wage: US$16.88 per hour

And your point is what? The argument isn't about the minimum wage level, it's about employing people. Employment, at any wage, should be preferable to unemployment. The minimum wage is an entirely separate argument, and you can see I'm for a livable minimum wage.

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You would rather the unemployed remain so, rather than get a job, however little the pay?

that's a dumb dichotomy and it shows the weakness of your position

You can't just take my first sentence out of context, call it weak, then babble on about the importance of minimum wage. You totally ignored the fact I say minimum wage is a good thing, and needs to be raised to a livable level.

The U.S. has a minimum wage, so the "however little the pay" will be what the law allows. We won't be inundated with workers making $1.00 a day.

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