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Comment Re:And WTF is a STEM OPT rule? (Score 1) 55

While I agree that acronyms, regardless of how popular and well known they should be, should be spelled out in summary’s, any moronically incompetent moron should know that OPT, by and of itself, can have a multitude of meanings, STEM OPT, however, has but one.

Learn to Google, or get the fuck off the internet.

Comment Re:What changes? (Score 1) 48

It does give additional recourse to the consumer if they get scammed. They Scum Scammers may have enough legal prescience to cover a lot of the parts of the scam, such as selling a low quality product as high quality, or just offering some sort of lame service for money. But if they are doing the illegal money transfer it gives them one more thing to get them on. You go to jail for breaking the law, you don't go to jail because you are a waste on human society.

You seriously think this will change anything, or cause anyone to go to jail? "Rob", sitting in a call center on some subcontinent somewhere, while not helping you figure out why your Start Menu doesn't pop up when you press the Windows key, is making spoofed-CID calls to you claiming to be a MS representative that has been informed you're computer has a serious problem, and for a quick $20, they can fix it right up for you.

None of these scammers gives a rats ass about U.S. laws and regulations. They don't apply to them.

Comment Re:Would be easier to check if potentially harmful (Score 2) 74

UNIX systems have used "magic" for decades, and try to identify based on the actual file contents instead of its name.

That sounds terrible.

And then Microsoft came along, decided the extension was magic and reliable

Better to use the file extension than it is to load and execute dancingbunny.png.

No, UNIX systems don't arbitrarily execute just any file. dancingbunny.exe would not run unless it's executable bit is set, except on Windows where the .exe makes it executable, and if that's hidden - well, you have the nightmare that exists due to it. Of course, if you're just clicking icons on your desktop you're in deep shit with either OS.

Comment Re:Change just because? (Score 1) 227

The fact it's no longer being updated means it will be depreciated within a couple of years. Linux isn't static, and although most legacy cli applications can and do run fine, graphical applications show their age and/or completely start to falter as the desktop evolves. I really don't blame him for looking for alternatives. If any application I used on a daily basis was no longer being updated, I'd start looking for replacements as well.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 0) 97

So no matter what we are going to attach cars and the "street" to the Internet? That's a good idea?

This is the crux of what I'm thinking. Then again, why is it such a good idea to hard-wire a car with network connectivity in the first place?

What I mean is, why not build something that you can plug a phone into and use the phone's connection (assuming you need 4G that damned badly in your car)? Rig the bluetooth in said car so that you have to specifically authorize a given phone, and you're done... Hell, my wife's 3-year-old Kia Soul does this.

This way you don't have the stupid planned obsolescence... in a friggin' *car*.

But...but...but.. You mean I have to DO SOMETHING before it will work?!?

You forget that people are so entitled these days they think they have to do nothing at all and the world will hand them whatever they want.

I can't get a $200K job with my basket weaving degree?!? But...but...but.. I HAVE A COLLEGE DEGREE! You need to pay off my student loans AND guarantee me that job.

Comment Re:Candidate Obama (Score 4, Informative) 169

It"s also good to note that terrorists are not standing alone out a field waiting for a drone strike on them. They're usually surrounded by an entourage of their cronies. I'm not saying that 100% of that 90% were not civilian/innocents, but I'm sure a good portion of them were connected to the terrorist network in some way that they could be considered enemy combatants.

TLDR: Not all of those 90% were innocent bystanders. These numbers are meaningless without knowing the full statistics.

Comment Re:How do they define GM? (Score 5, Informative) 330

It's only a thin line if you want to be a facetious ass and make it one. Genetically modified crops are just that, They're crops that have had their DNA altered with DNA from other species. Cross pollinating a grapefruit with a tangerine to make a tangelo is not GM. Adding the DNA from a jellyfish to a potato pant, just to make it glow when thirsty, is.

Comment Re: Yes (Score 1) 196

If you're prototyping, why in hell not use "hole-mounted stuff"? In the time it takes you to solder on two or three surface mount components, you can have the whole circuit breadboarded up and smoke flying. You can then replace the component that the smoke escaped from and move a wire or two to keep that smoke in. No need to design a complete new board and wait for it to be etched or, worse, ordered and delivered, for each prototype. That's what breadboards are for, for Christ’s sake.

Comment The Science In a SciFi movie... (Score 1) 163

Why all the hype these past few days about the science in The Martian? It's a friggin' SciFi movie, for gods sake. You don't see this crap about the science in the new Star Wars movie, so why this one?

I'll admit I haven't seen the move or read the book, but where in hell does he get the seeds and fertilizer to grow plants in Martian soil? From what I gather from the trailers, this wasn't a colonization mission, so why, if they sent seeds and fertilizer, did they send seeds and fertilizer?

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