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Comment: You get what you pay for (Score 1) 198

by bitroli (#35743732) Attached to: Pandora App Sends Private Data To Advertisers

When you install that application on android (or any application for that matter), you have to grant it (and by that I mean, acknowledge) permissions asked by the application.

It's the lusers fault for giving "Tom Talking Cat" privileges to fully control their phone, GPS, read contacts, browse the internet freely.

No idea if that app actually asks for all that crap, but there are plenty that do when they're nothing more than a stupid text editor.

Comment: That's liek your opinion and stuff man (Score 3, Informative) 831

by bitroli (#35645232) Attached to: Why Mac OS X Is Unsuitable For Web Development

Most projects have the binaries packed nicely, so you don't have to fiddle with fink/macports/flavor of the month.

Different I/O and process schedulers? Oh noes! If only we had posix and libc to abstract that crap away!

Last one is the best. I guess I didn't get the memo about textmate being forced on all mac users.

Comment: They took our JUUUUBS (Score 1) 791

by bitroli (#35561392) Attached to: CS Prof Decries America's 'Internal Brain Drain'

So yeah, I'm one of those "They TOOK UR JUUBS" guys. Unlike the stereotype, I'm not asian, I'm not from a poor background, I speak english w/o an accent and I don't associate in cultural ghettos like most minorities.

In my experience I've met quite a few people that are in the same boat. A lot of the times they are sorely lacking the skills that they're supposed to have to qualify under the H1-B program. There are two reasons why they're brought in then: cost and nepotism.

I've seen many different companies preferring to hire people of the same region as the manager. I heard it's often one big family coming to the US, but I chalked that off ass a bit too racist for me.

The H1-B program is designed to supplement american talent. People for instance that have the same qualifications but can bridge cultural/language gaps, for instance (that's meeee). The problem is there's no way to check if the qualifications are met or not. It's taken as face value. I can go to whothefuckknowswhere Institute of Technology and still qualify, even though my program was the equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts in Winword in american standards - as long as I have "official" documentation to claim this status.

With that said, here's the question that lingers. If there were no H1-B holders, would people see tech jobs as more attractive? I don't know, working stupid hours under inept management, ridiculous unpaid on-call hours and the pressure that you get don't seem all that attractive, independent of whether you consider job availability or jack thereof. The (wrong) assumption is that if it wasn't for H1-B holders, STEM jobs would pay more. Guess I can't prove my claims, but I'll hold on to my truthiness.

On a related note, it's fucked up how impossible it is to get a stupid green card if you're not willing to cheat the system. I've been living here for around 9 years now on a variety of different visas. L-2, F-1 and now H1-B. This is more than I have lived in my country of origin (well, if you discount the years that I was just a burden to my parents), and yet I can't stay... /rant

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