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Comment Snowden is the best reason for private email (Score 0) 344

Edward Snowden devastated U.S national security interests by releasing tons of classified emails.

But you know who's emails Snowden didn't release? Hillary's...

I think Hillary's private email server was a truly bad idea even if just politically.

That said she kept her emails safe from Edward Snowden.

Comment Re: It's like Venezuela but without all the gun cr (Score 1) 431

That is a silly argument like the finance minister of Greece saying "we can't go back to the drachma because we sold the presses". The EU would just create a law for the Greek exit on the spot and that's it.

The reason there is no mechanism in place is a "political statement" that means we are in this together and we are serious about it, but in practice it is at best a technical details. The problem obviously is that that contradict the original political statement and that's the open door for countries to bail out and angry citizen requiring "bad member of the EU/EURO" to be let go.

That is the risk - letting the Greek go probably means the end of the EURO - the fact that there is no mechanism is smoke and mirrors.

Comment Re:Why would they need nuclear energy? (Score 1) 409

Solar power has been a real option for what ? 10 years ? That's probably generous as it has mostly been ramping up in the last 5 years or so and only in countries that have either the economy to import or the infrastructure to build solar panels. Nuclear Power is still the #1 solution for stable base load power, and the reason it is out of love (but note - not out of use) in the first world is for safety concern and NIMBY, not for anything related to weapon.

As for Iran, it has been on the world shit list for long enough that not having kept up with the latest trend should hardly be surprising.

Comment Re:The moan of sour grapes (Score 1) 450

Let me guess - you have no experience in maintaining old watches do you ? If you leave it in a box untouched for 100 years, maybe it will work alright - otherwise at the very very minimum you will need to have it oiled. If you can't do it yourself, be prepared for an expensive trip to the 1 guy that still does it in 100 years.

Stuff break in watch, big brand like Patek, IWC, ... will always put your watch back in working order, as they are mechanical product. They have even been known to do it on the cheap from time to time.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 235

Most people get their mobile replaced as part of their contract every 2 years. I don't know many person for which it is not the case: they tends to either do not care at all and have a non-smart phone, or they come from a country where getting a mobile with your contract is not legal (which btw does not mean they don't replace their phone every 2 years regardless).

Samsung is going to sell thousands of its smartphone to contracts for each one they sell to somebody like you and me ( I'm using my second smartphone ever and I have had one since 2007 ) The market has spoken and since you don't spend, you don't get to vote.

Comment Re:This is silly (Score 1) 720

Well you actually give a good reason why increasing minimum wage is good.

See, minimum wage zealot ( in the US, elsewhere that's different ) only ask for the minimum wage to be raised to the level where those worker do not cost more money in social security. The outcome you highlight are correct and good.

The first one, some people are replaced by robot. In effect, too low minimum wage padded by social security was just subvention of inefficient business model. Now social security cost is still the same ( more jobless, less padding ) but the industry has become more efficient.

Second effect, increase in cost, is good too. Because McDonald didn't pay its employee enough, the taxes of all non-McDonald customer served to give a discount on the meal price of McDonald customers. Worse was that McDonald was making profit i.e. part of the non-McDonald customer taxes going straight in their pockets ?

You cannot look at minimum salary in isolation. If you have a social security system that is going to help people in trouble, that is stupid to have a minimum wage that still need to be padded with extra help. So either you increase it to social security level, or you reduce social security level to the same level as full-time minimum wage. ( ideally you would reduce it to less than that, because otherwise you give negative incentive to work - i.e. why would I work at McDo when I can get the same not doing anything )

Now, obviously this is a simplified view of the world. In practice, determining the level of minimum wage where somebody is self sufficient is tricky and that's where the real debate is. The consequence you listed are only negative when you get over that level.

Comment Re: I don't follow (Score 1) 370

At the time MS changed all the fonts in Windows, people complained about the loss of readability if you were not using a LCD and enabled sub-pixel rendering ( consolas ) . Specifically developers either still using CRT or remote connecting to a computer with a tool not handling that.

People moan a little but it did not make any type of mainstream noise, because at the end of the day, unless you need to read the screen all day long and are stuck in such circumstances you have bigger problem. Same thing here, if you are a heavy mac user looking at system menu all day long, you most likely are using a high dpi screen already or looking for an excuse to buy one. Otherwise, if you are like the majority of mac user and use your computer to browse the web, watch tv, ..., this will have 0 effect on you.

The only reason it makes some noise is that with Apple people, everybody and his dog feel they have been elected UI experts and sole representative of all computer user past/present/future.

Yeah, this will become a non-issue with high DPI displays but it is exemplary of Apples user hostility that they make adverse decisions for them and then claim it's for their own good.

It's shit like that. When firefox/chrome change slightly the way they render font online, it is going to affect order of magnitude more effect on users. And that happens - if you have ever used a Mac - rendering in browser have been weird from time to time. But who cares about that ? Nobody, because expect for some web designers, the effect is not bad enough that it makes Joe User think anything else rather than "hmm, weird, looked different somehow".

Comment Re:Imagine the punishment it it killed millions (Score 2) 209

Wait - that's still an issue, vaccine are not 100% efficient, so some people take the shot and are not vaccinated. Some people are too weak despite being vaccinated, very young babies are not yet vaccinated, some people think they are vaccinated but they were not ( after all you were like 2 to 6 months old when that happened, all the proof you have is a note in a book - mistake happen ).

Comment 2 GB of RAM (Score 5, Interesting) 215

I think Microsoft gives manufacturers a discount if they limit their ram to 2 GB.

They are really shooting themselves in the foot, because a web browser can easily use 2 GB by itself, bringing the computer to a crawl.

Seriously.. my cell phone has 2 GB of ram.... This laptop will be nearly unusable without more memory.

This is as counterproductive as outlet stores. Sure, you pay a little less but the clothes shrink or fall apart.

And there on my ruined clothes it says Gap or Banana Republic - 2 brands I've bought lots of stuff from before, and will never ever buy again. But they made a little money, and I 'saved' a little money.

This laptop is the outlet mall version of an HP laptop - itself a brand that doesn't exactly exude quality these days..

Comment Re:It's the law. (Score 1) 341

BTW the law is maybe old in the Germany, but similar law has been created in the UK only 10 years ago. In order to run a mini-cab service, you need to make sure to follow a few regulation like all your car must pass a car inspection and your driver must be insured, with valid license, ...

The UK is a lot closer to the US and yet, they created that law a decade ago.

Comment Re:Macroeconomic investment theses are always wron (Score 2) 502

More importantly - timing matters. Even if they are 100% correct, power companies will continue to make money for a decade. As for the "market disruptor", if you are just a few year wrong, you would have put your money in MySpace rather than Facebook. If you sold your investment in real estate in 2006 you hit gold, if you did it in 2004 or 2008, you lost.

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