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Comment: Maybe soon the people will do the math... (Score 1) 317

by bistromath007 (#47420775) Attached to: The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane To Nowhere
It is sometimes said by people who support gun rights that we need them in the event it ever becomes necessary to overthrow the government. That's what the right was established for, after all.

"That's ridiculous," opponents say. "You can't fight the federal government! They can just fly right over you and destroy your whole army with half a thought."

Leaving aside that guerrilla warfare works just fine against them everywhere else in the world, we can now say "no, they can't." They are too busy having our money stolen from them by the companies that are supposed to make the jets.

Comment: The VW analogy seems faulty. (Score 1) 253

by bistromath007 (#47379427) Attached to: Austrian Tor Exit Node Operator Found Guilty As an Accomplice
Isn't this more like if almost all the employees at McDonald's were also dealing drugs out the back door? Pretty sure all the franchise owners would at least be investigated/harassed out of business in that case. Not saying it's right, but it makes way more sense than the car thing.

Comment: Re:Rationale for the ban is??? (Score 1) 199

by bistromath007 (#47310389) Attached to: FAA Bans Delivering Packages With Drones
a) actually sounds pretty reasonable. The number of people who want to drop $300 on a drone just to fuck around with it is much smaller than the number of people who would be willing to invest $300 into a piece of business infrastructure that will wind up smashing through somebody's window.

Comment: Re: I've heard slashdot is behind the times... (Score 1) 166

Oh, god dammit I hate the mobile site. That is not what my post looked like when I pushed the button.

The first part should read as follows. "The solution here isn't less lecturing, it's teaching people what notes are actually for and how to properly take them. I would generally be considered a 'visual learner...'"

Why the hell can't somebody make a droid app with posting functionality that isn't even more broken than

Comment: Re: I've heard slashdot is behind the times... (Score 1) 166

TheI understand words much better when they go in my eyes rather than my ears.

Despite this, I've had much better results in classes that are tough for me by taking good notes in lectures. Your mind wanders much less because you're already multitasking; your retention is better because both tasks are over the same information. Paraphrasing somebody else's words requires understanding; when you can't keep up, it's a sign you should ask for a clarification.
I often didn't even really study the notes; there was no need, since the act of taking them was how I learned. When I did need more in-depth info, I could just look in the textbook, as whenever I jotted something down from the lecture, I'd correlate it with the page in the book we were on.
For tough subjects, this method really isn't optional. There's no good reason we aren't teaching everyone to do it.

Comment: Re:Question (Score 1) 129

by bistromath007 (#46651473) Attached to: Interview: Ask Bruce Perens What You Will
No, there isn't. I wish there was, but the problem is that all the stories that this community really cares about are here and not on technocrat. The only way technocrat could ever hope to succeed is if somebody were absolutely shameless about copypasting stories they saw here so we could talk about them there instead. Since much of slashdot's content is links to other websites anyway, there's not really much reason that can't happen, but nobody's doing it, and I can't get hold of Peren* to ask about his policy on the matter, so technocrat is useless.

*That's another big problem, incidentally. Because this is like the five millionth time he's built it and they didn't come, the site is barebones as hell, and email addresses at it seem to bounce. Either that or it automatically bounces everything sent from a gmail account. I hear some people do that because gmail is being used for spam. But I'm not going to hunt down a less convenient email service just so I can ask him a question about his website that's dying, even if I'd really rather go there than slashdot. :/

Comment: Re:Cofounder Here (Score 1) 30

by bistromath007 (#46521609) Attached to: Code Combat: Free, Open Source, Multiplayer Programming Lessons
Is it alright if I appreciate the irony of a game that's supposed to teach people coding whose website does not seem to display properly in Firefox?

Your big huge Youtube video is set to always-on-top, meaning that the page full of text explaining the game scrolls behind it, making it mostly unreadable without fiddling with two different scroll bars. See here, I've taken a pair of screenshots.

Comment: I feel bad for the guy, his plan is terrible. (Score 3, Interesting) 144

by bistromath007 (#46515647) Attached to: Lit Motors, Danny Kim, and Changing How Americans Drive
It is an absolute, unmitigated mistake to attempt to market this thing in the US. To get it to work, you'd need to convince each state's DMV to not classify it as a motorcycle, the license for which is more difficult and expensive to get, and testing for which would be unnecessarily dangerous for the C-1's target market. Unfortunately, this is an absolute impossibility; even if you can break through a bureaucracy's natural tendency towards collecting more fees by having more rules to enforce, the venture will be lobbied to death by dealerships that don't want to try to sell the thing. It's going to look like what's happening to Tesla, only much, much easier for the douchebags.

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