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by bistromath007 (#46651473) Attached to: Interview: Ask Bruce Perens What You Will
No, there isn't. I wish there was, but the problem is that all the stories that this community really cares about are here and not on technocrat. The only way technocrat could ever hope to succeed is if somebody were absolutely shameless about copypasting stories they saw here so we could talk about them there instead. Since much of slashdot's content is links to other websites anyway, there's not really much reason that can't happen, but nobody's doing it, and I can't get hold of Peren* to ask about his policy on the matter, so technocrat is useless.

*That's another big problem, incidentally. Because this is like the five millionth time he's built it and they didn't come, the site is barebones as hell, and email addresses at it seem to bounce. Either that or it automatically bounces everything sent from a gmail account. I hear some people do that because gmail is being used for spam. But I'm not going to hunt down a less convenient email service just so I can ask him a question about his website that's dying, even if I'd really rather go there than slashdot. :/

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Is it alright if I appreciate the irony of a game that's supposed to teach people coding whose website does not seem to display properly in Firefox?

Your big huge Youtube video is set to always-on-top, meaning that the page full of text explaining the game scrolls behind it, making it mostly unreadable without fiddling with two different scroll bars. See here, I've taken a pair of screenshots.

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It is an absolute, unmitigated mistake to attempt to market this thing in the US. To get it to work, you'd need to convince each state's DMV to not classify it as a motorcycle, the license for which is more difficult and expensive to get, and testing for which would be unnecessarily dangerous for the C-1's target market. Unfortunately, this is an absolute impossibility; even if you can break through a bureaucracy's natural tendency towards collecting more fees by having more rules to enforce, the venture will be lobbied to death by dealerships that don't want to try to sell the thing. It's going to look like what's happening to Tesla, only much, much easier for the douchebags.

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"Part of the gap is being filled by billionaire philanthropists."

"Vast amounts of research are now driven by names like Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, David Koch, and Eric Schmidt."

It's pretty great how this dude thinks that a couple of arch-politico capitalist gods paying for bogus research to protect their financial interests qualify as "philanthropists."

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I once had a dream where I was sleeping on the floor behind the couch in my dad's living room. A cat jumped over me, waking me up. Then an alpaca looked over the back of the couch and started bleating at me. More like screaming, really. It turned around and tried to climb backwards over the back of the couch, and I had to hold its foot to keep it on that side so it wouldn't step on me. Then I noticed that it was starting to shit. The extreme terror of being trapped underneath a shitting alpaca mercifully woke me up before any got on me.

I'd really like to know what the hell that's all about.

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A few years ago, my doctor prescribed something for this purpose to me with no argument whatsoever.

For some idiotic reason, it hadn't occured to me that state insurance wouldn't cover it. It doesn't matter how fat you are, and how much it isn't an issue of vanity, they won't. My understanding is that even most private insurers won't touch it. If diet and exercise haven't been working for you, or if you've deteriorated to the point that exercise is difficult, the only option insurance will ever consider is stomach stapling. They won't even touch the cheaper, reversible, and less harmful other surgeries that operate on similar principles. Only stomach stapling. That's it.

This crap usually costs around $200 or so a bottle, if I remember correctly, so basically they're only available to rich people obsessing over the last five pounds that won't fuck off of their perfect waistlines.


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Wrong. Class warfare is exactly what I'm talking about. Elected officials are merely puppets at this point, engaging in televised pageantry and backbiting for our entertainment. The true power to govern has rested with unaccountable, no-profile appointees for many years. The Federal Reserve, the Pentagon, higher courts, our diplomatic corps, and all regulatory agencies are given to people who just walked out of a corporate boardroom, and will walk right back to it when their term is up. This isn't some nebulous conspiracy theory, it's the literal truth and a matter of public record.

When somebody writes the law, dictates the particulars of how it will be enforced, and has more money than the rest of their countrymen put together, the only way to get them out is to kill them.

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Billionaires have nothing to do with this specifically.

They have everything to do with the state of our governance and economy as a whole. Literally every problem is related to this in some way, and the plutocrats ultimately write all policies. The only form of power which they can never totally control is violence.

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