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Comment Re:Oh really? (Score 1) 204 204

oh and don't even get me started on crap like "Defying gravity".. Let's recreate a typical american highschool drama, with jocks and cheerleaders but in space. Oh and stuff a lot of god/spirituality in it while ye at it, as not to alienate all the stupid people who think its just as valid as science.

Comment didn't they? (Score 1) 507 507

As they are directly benefiting from the Unions so even if they try to teach both sides it makes it seem that Unions will benefit the Underclass at a slight expense to the upperclass, Created such advancements such as Minimum Wage, Weekends and Holidays.

uhm didn't they?. I acknowledge that unions come with their own set of problems regarding corruption etc but here in the EU at least we have the unions to thank for minimum wage and weekends (back in the day people only got sunday off because they had to go to church). Why are americans so afraid of unions? I mean big business have their own organisations looking out for their interests, why not the workers? Do you really think you would be better off, if workers never organized and made demands of their employer?

Comment mod parent down (Score 1) 1376 1376

There is evidence of creation all around us and there is much evidence that can be plausibly linked to an intelligent creator. [citation needed]

On another note, how can you be seemingly intelligent and believe in that ID crap? I accept that intelligent people can believe in god, but ID and young earth creationism? Puuhleeze

Comment whats the crime in hate crime? (Score 5, Insightful) 778 778

is it the act of hating someone due to their racial background or sexual orientation which is illegal? or just running your mouth about it?. if its the former its thought crime and if its the latter its censorship. I don't believe in hate crime, not because I am a racist or a homofob its just that laws like that tend to be abused. Besides I like living in a free society where the government doesn't get to decide what I can legally think.

Comment Excellent interview thanks (Score 1) 203 203

This quote in particular grabbed my attention:

Gibson winces at the term "information superhighway" ("a nasty piece of buzzword engineering"), but has good things to say about the Internet: "I'm not a user, but I'm a big fan. I like the idea that it's extra-national, and no one particularly owns it. My concern now is whether it can be dismantled by corporate interests who want something more structured so they can sell us stuff - or whether there's some innate urge toward freedom inherent in the technology that will keep it evolving."

Seems a bit like the current "quest for control and censorship" we hear about every week here, as well as the net neutrality controversy.

Comment FUCK YEAH!! (Score 1) 541 541

Reading this thread I somehow got reminded of this:


Once again America is trying to make the world a better place. It hasn't always worked out all that well for you.
One one hand: communication should be a basic human right, so what could probably go wrong?. On the other hand the Iraqis didn't much like Saddam, but many of them sure as hell didn't like it either when our tanks started patrolling their streets.
I'm comparing apples to oranges here and im only considering recent history. Just remember the world isn't black and white, but shades of grey.
Sure the Iranians seems pissed about the election fraud, but that doesn't guarantee they are ready for the "western world makeover" either (like the one you gave the Japanese).
Perhaps they really do prefer living in a barbaric society with laws based on religion, made up by some batshit insane clergy. Perhaps they just want their vote to count.
Personally I think helping them out with communication sounds like a great idea (not considering whether its technically possible or not). Just a word of warning from a smug european ;)

Comment Please for the love of god (Score 2) 183 183

Why are we even discussing this? no of course you can't copyright 140 characters in a specific sequence and of course I can write the same line everywhere I please, without giving a crap about what the original author thinks or having to pay him. Why you ask? because its frakkin' common sense. Slashdotters usually agree on not wanting to end up living in a police state, brought forth by the endless new IP legislation. By discussing and thus taken seriously that 140 chars, what amounts to a sentence, you're not doing yourself or the rest of us a favour. Its ridiculous and the courts should dismiss such claims outright.

Comment Other gaming related disease include (Score 1) 224 224

Personally I've suffered from:

NWN-elbow (due to bad camera control)
BF-headache (using a substandard headset way to many hours)

Heard about:

Counterhand (swelling on the hand due to excessive counterstrike playing)
Everquest-acne (sitting at home playing an mmo and eating way to much junkfood all the times does that to most people)
Book Reviews

Programming Collective Intelligence 74 74

Joe Kauzlarich writes "In 2006, the on-line movie rental store Netflix proposed a $1 million prize to whomever could write a movie recommendation algorithm that offered a ten percent improvement over their own. As of this writing, the intriguingly-named Gravity and Dinosaurs team holds first place by a slim margin of .07 percent over BellKor, their algorithm an 8.82 percent improvement on the Netflix benchmark. So, the question remains, how do they write these so-called recommendation algorithms? A new O'Reilly book gives us a thorough introduction to the basics of this and similar lucrative sciences." Keep reading for the rest of Joe's review.

EA Launches 'Hostile' Bid for GTA Publisher 171 171

Games news sites are reporting that EA has issued a new offering to Take-Two's shareholders in an attempt to purchase the company outright. Last month EA offered some $2 billion to Take-Two in an effort to accomplish the same goal. Take-Two declined, and EA took their offer public. Now, Electronic Arts is offering the price of some $26 per share to Take-Two's holders, a generous valuation. "Within ten business days Take-Two is required by law to publish, send or give to shareholders (and file with the Securities and Exchange Commission), a statement as to whether it recommends acceptance or rejection of the latest offer ... Since EA launched its February bid Take-Two said that other parties had approached it regarding a merger, but that it hadn't entered into negotiations with other companies about a deal."
The Internet

A New Paradigm For Web Browsing 237 237

dsaci points out a New York Times article about how surfing the web may change to a more graphics-based endeavor. With the advent of devices like the Wii and the iPhone, the capability to directly control objects on a screen is becoming a popular and affordable technology. That, combined with immersive interfaces such as Piclens, could be the future of web browsing. Quoting: "'I've wondered for a long time why the computer interface hasn't changed from 20 years ago,' said Austin Shoemaker, a former Apple Computer software engineer and now chief technology officer of Cooliris. 'People should think of a computer interface less as a tool and more as a extension of themselves or as extension of their mind.' Voice, too, is finally beginning to play a significant role as an interface tool in a new generation of consumer-oriented wireless handsets. Many technologists now believe that hunting and pecking on the tiny keyboards of cellphones and P.D.A.'s will quickly give way to voice commands that will return map, text and other data displayed visually on small screens."

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