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Comment Re:I can't be the only one (Score 1) 705

So, as for the prawns being considered stupid drones, I don't really think that. I think the parallel they were trying to draw with the scientists "theorizing" that the prawns were all drones to notions of racial superiority. The prawns have no initiative because they were slowly forced to live in slums. The humans then theorize that the reason these slum-dwelling creatures have no initiative is because they are genetically inferior to them, and continue to oppress them. This is really similar to the treatment of racially imposed slums, where the leading thinkers of the "superior" race declare that the oppressed race is inferior, and cites as evidence, "Look, when we through them all in slums and exploit them, they don't care."

Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 1) 817

You can't really describe Apple as solely a hardware company. They also have other products that are solely software, but the best way to describe them is as a "computer" company. They sell computers, with all the hardware and all the software you need. This notion you have of a "hardware" company and a "software" company being two different things is drawn from the PC market, which has a much different business model. Apple sells a product whose main feature is the fact that they design every part of their products themselves. Say what you want about Macs and what features they include and how they can't run X software or have Y buttons on their mouse, but this business model gives their products a significant advantage in producing the desired result of an all-inclusive computer that just works. Only making "high end" computers is Apple's own prerogative. Their business model could probably not compete with your run of the mill PC manufacturer that can cut costs by putting together any amalgamation of parts and software, while they would have to put together significant development resources to design such a computer from the ground up. Instead they have found their niche market in high-end computers.

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