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Comment Re:Not limited to IT (Score 1) 283

It was just an attempt at humor. I don't want you to kill yourself. Yes, been overworked and underpaid but not at the current job. Your post was very dark and it seemed like you were totally against the whole field.

IT has been good to me, worked in it for a long time now and actually chose to do this. Did not fall into it by accident.

Comment Re:Not limited to IT (Score 1) 283

Absolutely, I became a mercenary type IT guy many years ago. Get good at your trade then follow the money. Could not give one flying shit what I work on now. If it has a fricking wire hanging out of It I can probably fix it or learn how on my own. Now, you want to talk about fishing or hiking, I can get passionate. Work, nope, not anymore. Just pay the bills till I can retire.

Do No, I Repeat Do Not try to get life satisfaction out of your job. Get that from your family, friends and hobbies.

Money from the job, happiness from within.

Comment Re:Not limited to IT (Score 1) 283

Yep, same here. Sounds like my life except I got into hiking and boats. Love time in the deep woods, you know those places where most folks don't go. Saw rare orange salamanders during a long hike while it rained off and on all day. Told the park ranger and he said "No one ever sees those anymore, where were you again?".

It's just a job. You just have to work with them you dont have to sign a mortgage or marry them. Just get through the day. Fix your shit and it'll run all night/week and they wont call. Train the users properly and your job can be a wonderful thing. They are just like the sheep and the puppies we all bitch about all the time. Realize the goldmine that this is and you will do well. They can be trained. If they ask for help and you dont help them they will yell. Yell at you, yell at your boss, yell at their boss. If you force them into the squeaky wheel role then you are not doing yourself a favor.

Try this instead, fix everything, train everyone, be there as fast as possible with an apology and a nice little witty joke. Be nice and they'll appreciate it. Tell em stuff like, "Wow there is no way I could possible do your job". A little honey goes a long way with a worried, stressed out user.

Anyway, nice post for an AC. Can't believe I just wronte a long reply to someone who will probably never get it. Damn AC posters. SlashDot.ARRRGH

Comment Re:Not limited to IT (Score 1) 283

You should seriously consider slitting your wrists right now. If that is not the way you want to go I can loan you a shotgun. She's a beauty, Remington 870 Pump, camo sling, low mileage. Guaranteed to fire every time.

Ok, just kidding, :) Really you may think about taking a multi vitamin and an extra B Vitamin everyday. Then get several nights of solid sleep. Take sleeping pills if you have to. This will help restore your serotonin balance. If that does not help and the suicidal thoughts continue seek medical help. Suicide is never the answer, homicide maybe.

Click here for the Wiki Serotonin Article.

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