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Comment: Suggestions (Score 2, Informative) 117

by bioglaze (#31584050) Attached to: Recommendations For C++/OpenGL Linux Tutorials?

Most of the tutorials are outdated and won't work in modern OpenGL core profile. Avoid tutorials that use glBegin(), glVertex(), glLight(), gluPerspective(), glMatrixMode(), glVertexPointer(), or learn just enough from them that you can create a context and draw stuff in Linux. After that you can adapt Windows-specific tutorials's code to Linux. I liked these tutorials:

Comment: Re:Binary blob ... eh? (Score 1) 461

by bioglaze (#29170243) Attached to: Linux Port For id's Tech 5 Graphics Engine Unlikely

> Intel's drivers are good

Their current Linux drivers are not good. I cannot use VBOs or shaders without crashing my system, and I have X4500HD which is supposed to be fast and support SM4. The Mesa driver implements OpenGL 2.0 and GLSL 1.10, both of which are outdated. Performance is also slower than in Windows.

User Journal

Journal: Coding stuff

Journal by bioglaze

I wrote earlier that we are programming a MMORPG at the university. We now use Python and Panda3D to develop it. We demoed it at our university's lobby to masses two weeks ago and it gained interest.

According to all the latest reports, there was no truth in any of the earlier reports.