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Comment: Re:This will be interesting, (Score 1) 239

by bingoUV (#49491875) Attached to: Google Responds To EU Antitrust Claims In Android Blog Post

Rights are a legal fiction, because any right you cannot protect yourself and that nobody will protect for you is not a right at all.

Apples are a botanical fiction, because any apple you cannot protect yourself and that nobody will protect for you is not an apple at all.

Apples can be taken away so apples don't exist.

Comment: Re:Nokia (Score 1) 239

by bingoUV (#49491227) Attached to: Google Responds To EU Antitrust Claims In Android Blog Post

1. A few years ago, Apple's phones were outselling Android based phones. It was the largest selling "smartphone" brand - with Android, Nokia, Blackberry and a few others trailing behind. Like just demonstrated, Apple is more of a "monopoly abuser" than Android. Where were these same antitrust regulators then?

2. Even then, the stickiness of Google Play monopoly is low. The banks and other organizations already advertize their Play Store availability on their main web pages. At the same spot they could make an APK downloadable - to which they still retain the copyright and all the means to exercise it, unlike some other distribution systems of mobile applications.

Comment: Re:False Dichotomy (Score 1) 362

by bingoUV (#49470763) Attached to: Can Civilization Reboot Without Fossil Fuels?

Seriously, the stuff is all around us, from axle grease and lubricants

Many lubricants I see advertized lately are synthetic - promising stability at gazillion degrees C that the ones based directly on petroleum couldn't. This same stability makes them bad fuels.

to existing-but-unused reservoirs sitting around idle

If the previous destruction of civilization was in a giant fireball, these reservoirs might be destroyed at the same time.

Comment: Re:But not to Nestle. (Score 1) 332

by bingoUV (#49461513) Attached to: California Looks To the Sea For a Drink of Water

If you're going to calculate it like that, then contribution of farmers to GDP is much higher too, so fix your numbers.

No. Farmers sell their produce to "city dwellers". Once sold, produce (food) belongs to the city dwellers and their eating it and producing wealth doesn't contribute to farmers' contribution to GDP at all.

Farmers are free to raise the price of their produce and hence increase their contribution to GDP.

Comment: Re:You don't need email, either (Score 1) 394

by bingoUV (#49402855) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Living Without Social Media In 2015?

A ringing phone can be ignored, silenced, numbers blacklisted. An employee who chose to not do any of these can reply to a text message/email as well. So no, this lack of confirmation is not the problem with text/email. Problem is expressiveness - human beings are mostly much more expressive in the spoken word rather than quickly written text, especially in rare complex emergencies. Human employees are typically paid for on-call access to mainly troubleshoot rare complex emergencies.

In any case, text message and emails are convenient to schedule a quick ad-hoc voice call on phone. So voice and text are not only not mutually exclusive but highly complementary.

I bet the human brain is a kludge. -- Marvin Minsky