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Comment Re:Nails are death knell 2015 (Score 1) 250 250

Ya know what is sad? Its the fact nobody can even talk about fucking DESKTOPS here without some FOSSies trying to move the goalposts

Actually people can talk about fucking DESKTOPS, if they fucking make it clear they are talking about fucking DESKTOPS. If you see the your post which you thought was talking about fucking DESKTOPS, it didn't fucking mention fucking DESKTOPS. Its parent didn't, nor grandparent. Grandparent's grandparent mentioned

Linux on all supercomputers, here on slashdot, Google, Amazon, The International Space Station, world governments, Android (eys, it's Linux) on the best phones, etc

- the only post in the ancestry of your post to define any context at all.

TFS and TFA also don't limit themselves to desktops. So it was you who fucking moved the fucking goalposts.

Comment Re:No it is not (Score 4, Interesting) 351 351

Without looking at it, how can you figure out it is an advertisement or a caution / direction sign / legal announcement / public service announcement? You cannot.

Once you do look at it and it turns out to be an advertisement, you can continue your earlier thought process but your attention has been stolen from you, however little you value it.

Comment this one isn't back-to-back, you can recline (Score 1) 394 394

Yes, but the one being discussed here is not really back-to-back. The *middle* seat faces backwards, windows and aisle seat face towards the front.

So everyone looks at the top of the head of the ahole who reclined into your lap, and also exchange sympathetic looks with other people in similar predicament.

Comment Re:All this means is that you can catch them (Score 1) 339 339

Proof by false authority. Good defence against facts, unfortunately facts cannot be beaten. Facts are on my side.

If not, give examples where law does as much (or more) harm to the criminal as the criminal did to his victim. For every such example, I can give 2 where law does far less to the the criminal than the criminal did to the victim.

I already gave some examples in my earlier posts in this same thread. You gave none, the hypothetical ones are false which you didn't even bother to defend so you know that they are false. A competent person does not have to plead to get their competence acknowledged, competence is evident from their arguments. It is missing from yours, though.

Comment Re:All this means is that you can catch them (Score 1) 339 339

It didn't validate your position in any relevant way because :

1. Your original point was about the present, not a distant past

2. My dispute was also about the last century of western law practice, as I mentioned adequately in my initial post about it.

I prefer my stubborn and right to your stubborn and wilfully-ignorant-even-after-proven-wrong.

Comment Re:All this means is that you can catch them (Score 1) 339 339

I made it long ago - "In most jurisdictions except in middle east, law does a lot less to the criminal than the criminal did to his victim".

If you don't know this one, read some "law for dummies" about a civilized country, preferably with pictures, because dummy you are for sure.

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