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Comment Re:Depends if you want to support it (Score 1) 293

Dual boot is not so useless.

1. "Rigs" are unsightly. Ladies might not prefer too many of them in their home.

2. If there is only one human user, rebooting into another OS is easier than walking over to another computer.

3. Dual boot can expand to triple, and generally multiple boot systems. Real estate situation in many parts of the world does not allow storing so many "rigs" at convenient to access places always connected to electricity.

Comment Re:Disposable screens for disposable products? (Score 1) 220

You can't tell them apart either, or you'd have an answer

I cannot tell them apart when put side by side. That is the whole point - telling 2 things apart when put side by side is a stupid metric. Why do you insist on this metric?

aside from breaking open an display unit and hooking up power meters to it, or running special apps to display test patterns that would highlight differences - both proof that the display itself isn't very different).

Darker blacks?

Comment Re:Oh, really? (Score 1) 220

Ah yes, power consumption when black is the best meter


Like that's possible to see in a demo phone in a store

And in a CPU displayed in a store, it is not possible to run benchmarks between i3 and i7. Your point?

And how useful is that when my LCD phone has twice the run time as my OLED phone?

1. Are you displaying primarily black?

2. Is there any other difference between the phones other than the screen?

doesn't make a lick of difference in the real world

For many people, i3 vs i7 doesn't make a lick of difference in the real world because both run facebook, office and gmail in a browser equally well.

If it were easy to see the dominance of OLED, somone could point to something that can be seen on a demo phone in a store, without downloading apps to the phone, or

You yourself admit that this is not a great way to measure dominance - by your example of generic network cable and Denon one. So how about using some other way to measure it?

Realistic battery life is another thing that can't be told from a casual look on a demo store in a store, without downloading apps to the phone unless one has days to spend at the store and use the phones to be compared identically as they will in the "real world". So battery life also must be a useless thing?

but they just can't prove it

1. Do you agree OLED has a much darker black that is visible from naked eye in somewhat dimly lit situations?

Others agree.

2. Do you spend any amount of time of your life in dimly lit situations?

Some others do.

Once the difference is obvious, people may decide that the darker blacks don't matter. Or they do. Shockingly, different things matter to different people in the "real world". But first you need to check if one has much darker blacks than the other.

Comment Re:Disposable screens for disposable products? (Score 1) 220

And most people can't tell the difference ....

1. Your method of telling whether something is an improvement or not - i.e. by asking whether "most people" can tell the difference when put side by side or not.

2. You yourself now found out that it is not a good method because it doesn't work with generic network cable and Denon cables.

3. You still don't have an answer about i3 vs i7 - they are distinguishable at a hugely higher effort as compared to OLED vs LCD.

So why don't you accept that it is not a good method at all?

Simply put, I went from LCD to OLED and the OLED was not an improvement, then went from OLED to LCD and the LCD was an improvement

Everything else was same?

Even if it was, your method of telling whether something is an improvement is massively idiotic - i.e. by asking "most people" to tell the difference when put side by side.

but can't tell me an easy way to see a difference between an OLED phone and LCD phone as displayed

I already told here. So yours is not only a carefully cultivated ignorance but painstakingly cultivated one.

Comment Re:Disposable screens for disposable products? (Score 1) 220

You are displaying a carefully cultivated non-absorption of facts here. E.g. even after being told about the much darker blacks in OLED, you create artificial requirements like "most people" recognizing the difference when screens are put side by side. Now it is common knowledge that "most people" cannot recognize the difference when elementary technical information is required to do so, so this requirement is idiotic. But once that elementary technical knowledge is imparted, it required no special senses to recognize the technical difference e.g. i3 vs i7, and the far easier OLED vs LCD.

Now an irrational dislike is easy to impart to children and amounts to brainwashing, not unlike an Imam's.

Comment Re:Bill Gates failed elementary statistics (Score 1) 148

You ask what's my alternative and then address 2 straw men? Bill gates has no business being in education. Being able to influence policy makers just because one has money is idiotic.

1. Others could have made the same mistake but Bill Gates did.

2. He was being listened to because he has money, not because he has any clue about education.

3. If any other person were listened to, it would have been because he had brains or political power. They would have stake in education system if nothing else. If brains, no problem. If political power, the people who granted him political power deserve whatever he gives them.

But people do not deserve what Mr money bags gives them.

Comment Bill Gates failed elementary statistics (Score 3, Interesting) 148

For all his "geek" status, Bill Gates (with his foundation) failed elementary statistics. He succumbed to the law of small numbers and idiotically pushed for smaller schools for a long period spending a lot of time, money and energy convincing policy makers that the small schools will make students better.

They thought so only because frequently among the best performing schools were small schools. Idiots didn't notice that among the worst performers were ALSO small schools - small samples just lend themselves to a higher variability.

Read details here - http://marginalrevolution.com/...

If a lot of money is spent by non-accountable idiot organizations , it is not only not good for society but actively harmful.

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 357

Developers making money is not a problem. Companies selling their computing infrastructure products with inscrutable software is.

There is NOTHING "inscrutable" about pf.

1. I didn't say pf is inscrutable.
2. pf is not the only software shipped on computing infrastructure products sold by some companies.

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