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Comment Re:I get my soft drink cravings (Score 1) 549

CO2 and water are in an equilibrium. One in a thousand CO2 molecules will form carbonic acid with water. If the dissolved CO2 has escaped, the equilibrium has that many less CO2 molecules to play with, so one in a thousand out of much fewer CO2 molecules will form carbonic acid now. The carbonic acid that already exists, will escape after burping (equilibrium, remember?), but it can take a few minutes - equilibrium can be attained within 5 minutes. But this time is insufficient to get the carbonic acid to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Unless you are a super pressurized container, carbonic acid remaining in your gut is a very small fraction of what you are creating through respiratory/metabolic process when you are "active". 4% of all your exhaled air could be CO2 - a litre of cola pales in comparison.

Comment Re:It was a test update (Score 1) 212

Since I didn't mention grandma, especially every grandma with a computer, my point is not about every grandma with a computer. Every grandma with a computer doesn't claim to be a writer or an author.

You said YOU have not found a better system than X, I pointed out a system which many people have found "better".

You are welcome.

Comment Re:It was a test update (Score 1) 212

I'm an occasional writer who's not good enough to go pro, but I have looked at some authoring tools, and haven't found any I like better than several terminal windows running vim.

This book is quite beautiful - produced completely in emacs org mode.

It was even written collaboratively. Export to docx works well enough in emacs org mode using pandoc. There is a discussion here

Comment Re:Let's get this out of the way (Score 1) 447

Web host cannot be sued (at least morally should not be) because they sold the site owner the space and bandwidth. They didn't cause the site owner to slander. But a site owner can be sued for slander on their web site. For large companies, web host and site owner can be the same, but they are playing these 2 roles.

Yelp here, won't just be a web host. It will be the site owner. It "caused" the slander in a small way be first encouraging "review", then advertised the "peeple" website to publicize the potential slander without verifying. So the reviewer will of course be the primary sue target, but yelp should be a party too.

Comment Re:Extraordinary claims of correlation (Score 1) 576

Well, no one knows what intelligence is, so it is really far fetched to ask the question how would we deal with it. Humans have no clue how to deal with well understood phenomena. Though at one time black slaves had around 66% of a vote?

Tepples should tell us more about equal law and equal justice and things of that sort. I'll eagerly wait.

Comment Re:Apple users (Score 1) 182

One reviewer doesn't even know how to use a widget. Another says it doesn't work after ICS, yet another says it worked until jelly bean. My widget is not running with root permissions - yet data gets toggled from widget.

You seem to be from a country where carriers mess with phones. There is no bigger suspect given such contradictory reviews.

Comment Re:Extraordinary claims of correlation (Score 1) 576

Because the democratic concepts of equal justice and equal representation under law have not yet developed to take into account the allegedly different intelligence levels of different identifiable subpopulations.

This is not extraordinary in the sense it would need extraordinary evidence. Because this is just the extreme unpreparedness of society to deal with this fact if it is proven, and to prove it we would need to understand intelligence much better than we do. So this is not a valid reason. Extraordinary consequence of an event are not being discussed here.

. And because the best evidence so far is that intelligence metrics correlate more with socioeconomic status among people of the same race than with race among people with similar socioeconomic status.

Valid reason, but I already addressed it. Best evidence so far doesn't matter much because we have a very poor idea of what intelligence even is. We measure the expression of intelligence, which is more affected by nurture - although nature's effect on intelligence also has evidence.

Such weak evidence in favor of identical intelligences among races is not sufficient for the "extraordinary" claim that intelligence are identical. Because no measurable trait that could have genetic influence has been found identical among races.

Comment Re:Extraordinary claims of correlation (Score 1) 576

Why is it extraordinary? Populations genetically isolated for centuries frequently diverge in traits. Appearance traits are obvious proof. If there are intelligence differences too, why would it be surprising? It is so unsurprising that Darwin had this as one of his first observations.

We can't currently prove it because intelligence is not measurable enough because all types of intelligence have not been identified and understood well enough.

But it would be highly surprising if such a complex thing as intelligence turns out to be identical in all measures of central tendency as well as all measures of variation in populations genetically isolated for long times. Races are known to have different average, median, standard variation and variance of height, weight, skin color, eye color, malaria incidence, sickle cell anemia incidence, heart disease prevalence.

Comment Re:Science Requires Effort (Score 1) 246

Do, rather than memorize and the memorization will come naturally.

Any evidence to support this? Counter-evidence follows:

As proven by studies in human memory, like memory castle technique, spaced repetition etc.; as well as results of memory olympics - it is clear that techniques of best utilizing one's memory are not easy to "come naturally" when solving problems. E.g. it might so happen that some facts that are easy to memorize are repeated too often in typical problems - causing overlearning (Einstellung). Some other facts, difficult to memorize, not repeating often enough , making them easy to forget. Both are bad for future problem solving in this subject.

Crafting problems to solve too carefully to avoid these issues makes them unnatural, and often takes away the fun of solving the problem itself. It also often makes the answer or a solution approach obvious - e.g. if the problem is stated like this, we should take this solution approach. Students thus become ill-equipped to handle real life which doesn't care about Einstellung or facilitation of memorization by the problem solver.

Comment Re:It is highly possible that "no one" at all did (Score 1) 618

But this doesn't explain why there wasn't a test case to catch this particular obvious bug - especially where the system is training itself without a degree in law or a sense of ethics. E.g. kicking off passengers and luggage by opening seat belts and opening doors is the next step to increase performance and fuel efficiency.

So the lack of test case happened with at least the QA engineer / QA PHB's knowledge.

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