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Comment Re: Quick poll (Score 1, Informative) 174

I did ask but apparently you can't read or your mac fanboy skills are lacking, let me enlighten you:

Apple's 2010 Phone Release:

How many iPhone 4's are listed here, I'm just a moronic Android user so I can't tell :(

I see an iPhone 4S but that's the 2011 era phone we just discussed.

Please help me Apple fan boy, I want to understand!

Comment Re: Quick poll (Score 1) 174

My comment was that it's possible to install your own variant of Android well after OEM support has been discontinued, because the OS is free software/open source.

There are many lollipop roms for even 2010 era phones and older.

How many iOS devices from 2010 got updated to iOS9?

How many iOS devices from 2011 will get iOS 9+1?

Comment Re:Love my Android but... (Score 2) 174

I think it's because iOS is much more lightweight than Android, especially pre ART Android which was doing JIT optimization on every app at runtime.

iOS's design is very Apple at a technical level, less is more. Android uses the "Everything and the kitchen sink" type of design.

They both have pros and cons as you've noticed.

He's dead, Jim.