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Comment Re:Is there any evidence that web ads work? (Score 1) 394

Ad companies will often run ads only in selected geographic regions or selected subgroups of consumers, and then collect data on any increases in sales in those targeted groups. If there's a sales increase then the ad agency will claim causation and proof that ads work.

Comment Why not take business expenses on your tax? (Score 1) 165

Since you are a 1099 you are able to deduct business related expenses from your tax return that you cannot otherwise take as a W-2. Eg, a computer at home, internet access, cell phone, professional memberships, publications, conferences, all to keep up with your profession. You might be able to deduct some car expenses but since you drive to the same location every day this is generally not allowed. Are you required to wear any specific clothes, like no jeans or shorts? If so then those can be expensed. Also the costs of some insurance can be expensed. And you don't need to be an LLC or have a fed tax ID. There's a long list of expenses, and I suspect your income is modest so the chance of an audit is very low.

Submission + - Volunteer work for for-profit companies is illegal in California

billrp writes: It seems it's illegal to provide volunteer work for a for-profit company in California. You must be compensated for your time, and of course taxes must be withheld. Here's a story about a small winery that was recently busted:

But what about all the user data that is collected by Facebook, Google, etc.without compensation and then sold to advertisers?

Comment No redundancy? (Score 4, Insightful) 223

So there's no provision for having the work done at this center be taken up at other centers? The news reports say radar center, but can't the data be routed elsewhere? What it there were a much larger fire that took down the facility for months? Does that mean Chicago becomes a no-fly zone?

Comment Re:Sloppy code (Score 1) 447

Here's where I see a pointer to an array on the stack getting passed around: In the openssl-1.0.1f release, in ssl/d1_pkt.c in the function dtls1_dispatch_alert(), at line 1731 "buf" is declared as a local array of chars. At line 1758 a call is made to do_dtls1_write() where the third argument is the address of this array is passed. In that function you'll see this pointer being assigned to a field to a heap alloc'd variable. But maybe this is dead code so it's never reached, but there are no comments.

Comment Sloppy code (Score 5, Informative) 447

I glanced at some of the OpenSSL C code, in particular the new code that introduced this bug. No comments, no asserts, no cross-checks, stupid variable names (like "payload" for the size of the payload, "pl" for a pointer to the payload data), no suggestions for how to test this new feature (such as what if the request has the payload size field that's not the same as the actual payload). In an unrelated function I saw an array declared on the stack, getting filled up, and then a pointer to this array getting assigned to a field of an argument to this function, and then a return...

Comment It seems like any user tracking can be a mood (Score 2) 79

In a quick skim of the patent I didn't see a definition of mood, so can almost any user tracking be considered mood inference? Suppose I bought something yesterday at Amazon, then something similar today, now if Amazon raises the prices for me on similar items tomorrow - is that an infringement because Amazon detected that I'm in the "mood" to buy similar items?

Comment Re:Is there wireless signal above 10,000 feet? (Score 2) 183

If you look at wireless signal strength maps like this you will see there are gaps in vertical coverage - where there's no signal. So I don't see how even any special equipment in planes can work with such low signal levels. (The old airfones used a different communication connection)

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