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Comment Re:DVR (Score 1) 271

Actually, TiVos get disrupted by EBS signals. Honestly, it's super annoying! It seems that if any channel runs a EBS test, the Tivo responds by kicking you out of whatever you're watching and showing a large banner across the screen for a few minutes. There's no way to stop it or make it go back to playing your recording until it's done. Usually, it happens during the middle of the day. But, this is when I'm on my treadmill watching TiVo shows, so I get annoyed by this about once a month.

I still think you make a good point otherwise, but TiVos do try to play along (maybe they are required by law?).

Comment Re:Hope they do it right this time... (Score 4, Informative) 216

I read this book recently. I don't mean any offense, but it's pretty badly written and stupid.

I hope they completely ignore the book.

Really, I wish Hollywood would stop remaking stuff. I mean, there's a ton of good, fresh, original, insightful, well-written science fiction in many books from the last few decades that would be great to see made into a movie. But, Logan's Run...again? Well, it makes me sad.

I did love the oringinal movie when I was a kid... I even liked the TV series... I was young.

I suppose they know I'll have to watch this new movie because of that and I will. But...

Comment Re:1970s and 32MPG...? (Score 1) 520

It's hard to deny "americans, don't WANT better gas mileage." But, from my perspective that's because America got heavy marketing that sold them on power/speed/etc over other factors like efficiency. The ads have been dripping with testosterone for a while now (with a resurgence in the early 90s).

I drive a '92 Honda Civic VX. It gets 45 MPG, and that wasn't so insanely good back when I got it. It's getting old and I'm not sure how long I can keep it going (though it has been running great, I'm starting to get rust). But, I can't find a new car like it. It's depressing. If you asked me in the mid-90s what I'd expect for my next car, I would have hoped for 70 mpg. But, it looks like I'll probably have to settle for 35.

I look at the European Civics and I'm so jealous. I've seriously consider trying to import one, but I hear the the US has diesel restriction that may block me. It seems like the US has systemic resistance to efficient cars at all levels and I don't understand why.

Comment Casual Gamers (Score 1) 462

Casual gamers have helped the game industry grow significantly. But, at the same time, I worry they are undermining game design as the industry focuses on them. Wii, iPhone, most XBL and PSN games are all about light games that often bring in good profits. But, rich complex game play seems to be a rare thing.

I've recently gone back (again) to play System Shock 1 & 2 (10 to 15 years old now, but the mod community has helped keep them alive). They don't look so pretty anymore, but I'm drawn in deeply by the complexity. I just spent a few hours last night playing Overworld Zero (a parody RPG within SS2) which I hadn't put much time into in previous playthroughs. I'm close to beating it now!

Honestly, I'm not that worried. There are a lot of light games out these days, but there are still some harder and more complex ones (Fallout 3, Bioshock, Dead Space, Demon's Souls ... some of my recent favorites and they sold well too). There are just more games for everyone now. I like some of the light games too.

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