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Comment: Re:On a positive note (Score 1) 224


If you mean creating a small number of jobs, like hiring professional sock puppets to troll social media, to try to sway people who can't think rationally ... then maybe you have a point, AC!

Tell me again about how the economy will collapse without slavery - I love it when you government types talk dirty. Hey, maybe the TSA could get some training on that? A junket to Hawaii maybe?

Comment: Re:Wow, 22.88? Seriously? (Score 1) 43

he hasn't updated Flash in years and got hit by malvertising.

You don't have to be that bad, even. My parents' PC had Flash 12 on it and Flash 9 on it. Where did Flash 9 come from? It was installed at the same time as the updater software for their GPS device.

The whole ecosystem is toxic and hateful towards the user.

Comment: Re:Goddamnit (Score 2) 90

Humanity moved beyond pictogram-based languages for a reason, and now the internet - that paragon of human achievement - is moving us back to pictograms again. WTF?

It's about the limbic system. Alphabets are a good invention for low-bandwidth communication (including fingertips) but also "a picture is worth a thousand words".

Comment: Re:Does this mean... (Score 2) 138

A jury might find that a reasonable argument, but state legislatures have decided that youths need to be protected from sex so much that, like the gp said, it's a 'strict liability' law, even if the minor wants sex so bad they're willing to lie and obtain forgeries to help assist with their lies.

This is why jury nullification is so important - to keep psychopathic legislatures from incarcerating the entire population. A jury has two jobs - to judge the facts and to judge the law. Lawyers and judges try to diminish the second for their own benefit.

On the other hand ... this isn't some trifling matter of stealing trillions of dollars, lying to Congress, or starting wars based on lies - this is consensual sex! So, off to the gallows with him.

Comment: Re:Idiots (Score 1) 219

They needed access to everyone's researchers who are working on solving this problem

Researchers in industry can't shut up, talking about their basic research. It's a well-studied effect, and, in fact, industry employers count on this - they pay their researchers, their researchers get to work on their pet projects, and by doing so they stay plugged into the broader industry, and both they and their employers benefit from this arrangement. It's a non-zero-sum game.

And even though it's been economically validated, it just makes sense - to pay a researcher to wall himself off from his industry (thereby making him forever unemployable beyond the current employer) would be _far_ too expensive.

Sure, there are a few trade secrets that get kept, but that's the exception, not the rule.

Uber apparently thinks they need to own patents on self driving technology rather than just mass produced self driving cars ASAP.

No argument that the patent system screws everything up. But call the CMU licensing and commercialization department and ask them what they think. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

If CMU were championing the abolition of patents, I'd feel sorry for them.

Comment: Re:Seems to Be a Pattern of Behavior (Score 4, Informative) 368

by bill_mcgonigle (#49814347) Attached to: SourceForge and GIMP [Updated]

If anyone is bored and looking for a place to lure my 30s year old self. Redo slashdot, allow markdown, bbedit, html, LaTeX.. editing.

If this is where your interests are, Soylent has forked an re-opened Slash, so people can contribute to it. There's been tremendous cleanup/ and some refactoring, to make Slash a more sane/maintainable project.

They're very picky on submissions, though, so the variety and community aspects aren't what Slashdot is.

Comment: Re: No kid should be forced to code ... (Score 2) 306

Most kids are never taught to write well enough to later write a novel. That requires much more dedication and skill building. Heck, most people have trouble composing a cogent comment on Facebook.

  It would be great if we taught all school children to think logically and in an ordered manner such that coding were the next practical step. But ... have you ever been outside your own home? As it is now, coders self-select. We should not make the mistake to assume that a high level of success among a self-selected population would translate into a high level of success among the general population. And I can see why government schools may not be keen on teaching everybody critical thinking skills.

Comment: Re: Java is done (Score 1) 223

So you're not privvy to what goes on upstairs. Go find somebody in the know, get them drunk, and ask them about massive scaling and Google's patents on map/reduce.

In the meantime this seems like a good idiological fit. The surveillance-funded corporations will be taken care of while the USG destroys the software industry, which is too wildly successful for a completely unregulated market. Nimble big-name companies have already fled or are in the process of fleeing the jurisdiction, leaving work-a-day programmers to manage the leavings or find a different line of work.

Comment: Re: Why do this in the first place? (Score 1) 90

MoFo is expert at making excuses for architectural deficiencies that slay the UX but have 15-year-old bugs on them because "that touches a lot of code". And fostering an environment where that's A-OK. In the time that Mozilla's not been able to get async tasks out of the UI thread, Elon Musk has build a spaceship company that's gone to the ISS and landed a rocket back to Earth. It's either a lack of engineering discipline or absurdist leadership - hard to say which or both but no for-profit firm would tolerate such complacence.

Comment: Re:It showed a lot (Score 1) 384

by bill_mcgonigle (#49747889) Attached to: What Was the Effect of Rand Paul's 10-Hour "Filibuster"?

Right - but you know who didn't show up? Bernie Sanders (S-VT). He claims to be a civil libertarian but couldn't bother to join the other Democrats who came to support the issue.

I think we know where his masters are on this issue - he's deep into the F-35 fighter jet fiasco; MIC is where his bread is buttered.

Comment: Re:Bring Back Background Play (Score 1) 60

Perhaps now they can bring back background play for mobile devices, so I don't have to stay on the youtube app to listen to music/podcasts/etc posted there.

This was the #1 most-requested feature on the YouTube app since it first appeared. Google *finally* released it - and it's the most expensive in-app purchase ever - you have to pay $120/yr to get it.

At the same time they changed the YouTube ToS to forbid third-party apps from providing the same functionality and aggressively started pursuing legal claims against the developers.

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