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Comment: Re:Really, Apple? (Score 1) 584

by bilbravo (#35083618) Attached to: Apple eBook Rules Changing For Sellers
ePub books with Adobe's DRM is pretty device independent. Currently I can buy a book from Sony bookstore, B&N bookstore, Borders bookstore, or fictionwise.com and load them onto my Nook. I could also load them onto a Kobo reader, a Sony reader, a pandigital novel reader, etc. Amazon.com books can be read on the kindle. iBooks can be read on the iphone/ipad. It's clear who gets it--Adobe, B&N, Borders, and some other small time people (pandigital, kobo, etc) However, EVERYONE wa

Comment: Re:Oh Apple, let the Apps through already! (Score 1) 249

by bilbravo (#30911036) Attached to: Google Gets Its iPhone Voice
No worries. It is very likely that she is grandfathered in; I remember when the merger happened and I thought I was going to get a "circle" but it didn't happen.

I don't disagree that Verizon is evil, I just don't think they have anything to do with this and your initial post was incorrect in some basic facts so I assumed fanboy. :-) That doesn't appear to be the case and I do apologize.

Comment: Re:Oh Apple, let the Apps through already! (Score 4, Informative) 249

by bilbravo (#30910618) Attached to: Google Gets Its iPhone Voice
It's interesting that you said it was because of Verizon, because on my Droid Google Voice is allowed. I can't vouch for the "my 5" fave list removal, because I don't have a fave list. You mention that it is available on all plans and that is not true. At least for family plans, you must be on a plan that has at least 1400 minutes. My wife and I have a plan with 700 minutes and it has no option for any numbers. And it is 10, not 5.

Your post seems to be FUD, but I'll let others decide for themselves.

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