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Comment: Re:Application and driver compatibility (Score 1) 245

by bigtrike (#46680899) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Will You Need the Windows XP Black Market?

What was the plan for fixing the Mac from the 80s if it broke? I wouldn't want to risk a multi-million dollar operation on being able to find an old mac for sale on ebay. You'd have to really hope that the installer floppies were sufficiently backed up and that you could find a floppy drive from that era that didn't have too much dust in it to function.

Comment: Re:Computers (Score 1) 205

The fully automatic modes have to be much better than humans before people will accept them. If you ride in the front train of a Chicago CTA train, you can hear the overspeed warning beeping from the operator cabin about every 10 seconds. If the operator ignores it, the train will automatically shut down to prevent the train from derailing.

Comment: Re:Flawed "Think of the Children" as usual (Score 1) 750

by bigtrike (#43787663) Attached to: House Bill Would Mandate Smart Gun Tech By U.S. Manufacturers

I consider myself to be pretty liberal, and while I'm not an advocate of gun control (aside from the fact that it's a guaranteed right, gun control wouldn't work), I would welcome education. According to the numbers, most people are far more likely to hurt themselves by having the gun in their beside table than they are be able to prevent personal harm from an intruder. The intruders are far more likely to wait until you're gone, and if you're a total idiot that does not properly secure your weapons, they'll steal your gun from your bedside table and use it for crimes or gang violence.

Comment: MPG is low based on more than just safety reqs (Score 1) 157

You know what else keeps fuel efficiency low? Big engines. Consumers have demanded them instead of efficient vehicles in part because we make driving artificially cheap by subsidizing road construction with more funds than we take in from gas taxes. Consumers are typically horrible at acting rationally in their own self interest and are far more likely to act on emotion and misinformation, although I don't think the government should necessarily take the nanny role in those situations.

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