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Comment: Re:A four million year orbit (Score 1) 74

by bigtone78 (#47331849) Attached to: Trio of Big Black Holes Spotted In Galaxy Smashup
I get it - if someone makes a bold declaration that something will never happen, within a few years that thing usually happens.

Let me be the first to say: "What can be more palpably absurd than the prospect held out of me finding several trillion dollars and ruling the world with an iron fist?" - Your future ruler 2014

Comment: Re:hahaha! (Score 1) 932

by bigtone78 (#47216695) Attached to: House Majority Leader Defeated In Primary
Right of center as compared to what? If you compared the positions of the Tea Party to conservatives of the mid 90's or even to the conservatism of the 80's, then they fell off the deep end shortly after the term Tea Party was coined. As I see it the Tea Party is far to the right, they should create their own party and let the Republican Party represent the more moderate(sane) members of the party.

Comment: Re:Brilliant idea (Score 1) 480

by bigtone78 (#42628537) Attached to: Google Declares War On the Password
I agree, maybe Google should invent a protocol that will authenticate you if you tap your head on the computer... Preferably several times and extremely hard, I seem to do that for several hours a day any way.

But in all seriousness, if the protocol had the option of forcing the user to touch the smart phone screen in a certain pattern (like a lock screen) to identify that it was the intended user holding the phone then I don't think it would be an issue. Except for the fact that you have now added another password to your phone to protect all of your other passwords.

Comment: Re:Makes sense to me (Score 2) 95

by bigtone78 (#36438566) Attached to: Google Should Be Logging In To Facebook
Good point! But at least people aren't stupid enough to enter every detail of their life into a massive database that could describe the network of people that you associate with, along with photos of you and said people. Or couple such information to their portable GPS enabled electronic devices that can be remotely enabled and tracked at any point in time. That would just be stupid! Who would do that! BTW whats your facebook name I'll hit you up from my phones facebook app!

Comment: Re:yeah but (Score 1) 709

by bigtone78 (#34694398) Attached to: Why Teach Programming With BASIC?
What your suggesting is like trying to teach someone how a car works by first showing them a horse drawn carriage and telling them you'll work up to the real thing. I say throw them in head first and from there it's sink or swim. There's already a dearth of moronic programmers no need to create a whole new generation of them.

Old programmers never die, they just branch to a new address.