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XBox (Games)

+ - Commodore4eva Defeats Microsofts Xbox360 XGD3 Disc->

Submitted by bigtomrodney
bigtomrodney (993427) writes "Renowned Xbox360 Hacker Commodore4eva has not only released his typical custom firmware for Xbox360s allowing them to play home-burned DVDs, but has gone one step further. He has now released his iXtreme Burner Max firmware for PC DVD burners to allow burning a total of 8.7GB to standard dual layer blanks. This allows, ahem, backup enthusiasts to make a full copy of the non-standard and larger than usual XGD3 format discs and again defeat the latest round of Microsofts anti-piracy measures."
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+ - Irish ISP Eircom to Adopt 3-strike Policy for EMI

Submitted by bigtomrodney
bigtomrodney (993427) writes "According to radio reports and whispers on the net, Irish ISP Eircom will now adopt network filtering and a three-strikes policy for offending filesharers. And there I was happy that our neighbours the UK had just thrown the towel in, thinking Irish ISPs would follow suit. Just another reason not to use Eircom!"

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