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Comment: Re:Indeed... (Score 1) 153

by bigtomrodney (#49503663) Attached to: Twitter Moves Non-US Accounts To Ireland, and Away From the NSA
I feel like you haven't been reading many of these articles over the past 13-14 years here on /.

The problem is conflicting jurisdictions. The PATRIOT act requires US businesses to hand over data stored when requested, even if it is outside of the US. Twitter are subject to those requests.The EU have strict laws regarding data protection but the fundamental issue is Twitter are breaking somebody's law whichever they choose to comply with.

Let's paint the picture - a request for data on an EU citizen, posted from Europe through a European datacentre but on a service owned by an American company. The American government request data but European law prohibits it. What do the American company do? Whose law do they break?

Storing the data under a non-American subsidiary puts at least some buffer in there. I'm not sure how effective this will really be but that is the intention.

Comment: Re:batteries are not rechargable (Score 1) 247

by bigtomrodney (#43357719) Attached to: Israeli Firm Makes Kilomile Claims For Electric Car Battery Tech

No moving parts, no maintenance

Let's see you couple that battery directly to a wheel and see how far that gets you moving before you wish you had moving parts between them. I am looking forward to electric cars being more common but blind optimism doesn't help, the fact is you still need an electric motor and batteries have too small a charge, too short a life and too much environmental impact.

You still have maintenance on the electric motor, you still have a motor and you still have toxic emissions albeit they are now suspended until the battery replacement.

Comment: Re:Antibiotic Placebo? (Score 5, Insightful) 240

by bigtomrodney (#43244363) Attached to: Most UK GPs Have Prescribed Placebos
That's exactly how I feel, but moreover logically that is why these medicines are prescription only.

As a European I was horrified to see that prescription medicines are routinely and frequently advertised on television in the USA instructing the viewer to ask their doctor to prescribe the medicine.

Comment: Re:Fascinating! And congratulations (Score 1) 81

by bigtomrodney (#43053365) Attached to: The Raspberry Pi Turns One
I'm running mine as primarily an XBMC box for my TV, pulling streams. However over the months I've used it for more and more stuff via ssh and I'm now running transmission-daemon on it as my torrent server. It performs flawlessly apart from the odd time I'll be watching something in HD and simultaneously have a 500K download but I'm almost positive that's more to do with the slow flash memory I'm using with it.

They're a great device. A close friend who is an old-school programmer has had his running non-stop since November and now uses it as his permanent *n?x development environment. It's only hobby stuff but he gets to play with GCC and ssh all day.

Comment: Re:who cares? (Score 4, Insightful) 266

by bigtomrodney (#41692573) Attached to: OpenOffice Is Now, Officially, Apache OpenOffice
I'm not so sure about that. I've seen cases where big-guns enterprise software has changed name and it's had a more positive impact. Users might have ignored a few point-version upgrades, even the occasional major upgrades. However when that new banner goes up it must be all new and good!.

Colours and words have a more tangible effect on the non-technical.

Comment: Re:In Xenon/HID headlight bulbs (Score 2) 225

by bigtomrodney (#41618937) Attached to: Where Has All the Xenon Gone?
No, Audi and Volkswagen's entire new line has LED headlights on all of their models this year and the A4/A5 have had them for 4-5 years now.

But don't think I'm agreeing with Tastecicles, because they're almost wrong. They are only the dipped/low-beam headlights as LEDs are not yet legal in the USA or Europe for full or high-beam use. But as for this usage, even SEAT has them now on some of their models and that's one of VAG's "budget" brands.

Comment: Re:EU needs money to give to Greece (Score 1) 292

by bigtomrodney (#41434605) Attached to: Google Could Face Heavy Antitrust Fines In the EU
Analogies are a bad debating tool. They sometimes work but they are not often logically sound.

If you really want to have a restaurant analogy in this case you should frame it like this. A restaurant that has 95% of business already, already has you as an existing customer for an unrelated product requires you to walk through their restaurant to a small door in the back that allows you access to the town's other restaurants. Their undue weight is approaching monopoly in that their inertia allows them to obscure competitors.

If you're not engaged in monopolistic practises then of course you will not be deemed anti-competitive. A monopoly does not serve the consumer.

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