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Comment How do you feel about web applications? (Score 3, Interesting) 324 324

I know you don't like Software as a Service: article

However, there are some web applications that really only work as a web application. Slashdot is an example of this.

Do you feel that creators of web applications should be obliged to make their source code available?

Also, if I am employed as web application developer, am I a bad person?

Comment full of it (Score 1) 131 131

Wahhh!!!! "Inequality is a weapon!" Being disadvantaged is not a weapon. You like to imagine that you are being held back, but has it occured to you that you are a loser just because you are a loser? The democraticizing effects of the Internet allow you to have a much greater voice than you would otherwise. If you went around saying what you really think IRL, you'd get your ass kicked.

Comment This is just sad (Score 1, Troll) 131 131

We haven't really had to many of the Reddit asshole/Gamergate types on Slashdot lately and I'd say it reflects well on this site that most of the replies to this AC don't even really seem to know about anti-social justice campaign he supports.

I don't even want to call this person a troll, because things like "BSD is dying" were actually clever and funny, and this AC is just a petty bully who kicks down.

Dr. Temple Grandin is being featured on "Ask Slashdot" because she's a very interesting and accomplished person. She is autistic, she's a scientist, and movies have been made about her.

But this AC is just WHINING because they'd dare interview her. It's so horrible to ask a woman a question. And he WHINES about social justice, like it's the horrible thing in the world. Never mind that one doesn't have to be especially interested in social justice to find Dr. Grandin interesting.

It's sad. Just sad.

Comment Re:Not seeing the problem (Score 1) 432 432

It is illegal. The drivers don't have taxi medallions.

"If the cab companies get put out of business because they are inefficient and can't compete then they deserve to go out of business." No cab companies provide real jobs, Uber does not.

What I said about drunk driving is obvious.

Comment Good point, but Uber is a bad example (Score 2, Insightful) 432 432

Uber is an illegal cab company and should just be shut down. If Uber puts the cab companies out of business it most certainly take away a lot of "real" jobs. Furthermore, we'll all be slaves to "surge pricing". And make no mistake, surge pricing is going to increase drunk driving fatalities.

Comment Sure, why not? Learn to use selectors (Score 1) 126 126

It helps some times, and if you are going to become a good JavaScripter, how much of the effort is really redundant? You'll probably need to learn how to select an element with CSS selectors even if you don't use jQuery. It's clear you eventually won't need jQuery for this, but a) jQuery is a little less verbose b) learning how to use selectors is 90% of learning jQuery.

Granted, you don't need to learn how to write a jQuery plugin anymore, not that would be difficult to learn anyway. Aside from that, what is there? Using plugins: trivial. Using the jQuery's ajax stuff: trivial. Learning to use promises: you need that anyway, learning jQuery's slight differences isn't really a big deal.

Comment You say you have to manage the memory, Yes? Maybe? (Score 1) 296 296

You say you need to manage the memory yourself, so I'm going to believe you. I believe this completely eliminates garbage collected languages from consideration*, and that's most languages these days. Aside from C/C++, I think you still have Rust, D, and assembly as contenders. You might be able to use Java with with sun.misc.Unsafe, but that is not really recommended.

Not knowing too much about these languages, I would tend to think Rust might be a good choice. People seem to like it. I believe legacy code bases are frequently a big consideration in the decision to use C++.

And as others have said, you might be able to write libraries in C++ and include them in a code base that uses a higher level language, like Python.

*Are there languages that allow garbage collection and manual memory management? Not sure. I believe the answer is no.

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