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Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk 855

Posted by Soulskill
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New submitter anlashok writes: Atheism and science face a real challenge: To frame an account of science, or nature, that leaves room for meaning. According to this article, atheists have pinned their flag to Mr. Spock's mast. But they need Captain Kirk. Quoting: "I'm pro-science, but I'm against what I'll call "Spock-ism," after the character from the TV show Star Trek. I reject the idea that science is logical, purely rational, that it is detached and value-free, and that it is, for all these reasons, morally superior. Spock-ism gives us a false picture of science. It gives us a false picture of humankind's situation. We are not disinterested knowers. The natural world is not a puzzle. ... The big challenge for atheism is not God; it is that of providing an alternative to Spock-ism. We need an account of our place in the world that leaves room for value."

Comment: I assume she's not qualified because she's a woman (Score -1, Troll) 74

by bigsexyjoe (#47831165) Attached to: White House Names Google's Megan Smith As CTO

I have no problem giving the job to the most qualified person, even if that person is a woman. But she's not the most qualified person! You know how I know? Because she's a woman! She is clearly an AFFIRMATIVE ACTION pick. She's no good. All she knows about is mechanical engineering (aside from her years of IT experience)! I'm so sick of all this AFFIRMATIVE ACTION! Again, I'd love to give the job to a qualified woman. But every woman who gets any job gets it because of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION!

Comment: Exactly (Score 1) 511

by bigsexyjoe (#47748521) Attached to: If Java Wasn't Cool 10 Years Ago, What About Now?

As you said, they use Java.

You don't really have any citations for anything you said. But I doubt they did huge amounts of refactoring in three months and then stayed with their new solution even after they found out the language wasn't the problem.

"Over time, they wrote more and more parts in other languages, which is natural because they're big and they want each piece to be optimized."

Exactly. I didn't say Java was one language to rule over all. I said it has it's place and companies such as Twitter and Google agree.

Comment: Debating "cool" is for teenagers (Score 1) 511

by bigsexyjoe (#47742951) Attached to: If Java Wasn't Cool 10 Years Ago, What About Now?

What the fuck is this? Is it "cool"? Cool not a term that has a sharp definition, so it's kind of pointless to talk about what is cool. I think A is cool, you think B is cool, that's the end of it.

Java highly used. It solves problems that people want to solve and some people would even say are interesting to solve.

About ten years ago Java 5 came out making it a little more modern and relevant. Then it stalled. However, Oracle has picked up the momentum and it is releasing new versions again. It now supports Lambas and it is expected to have new versions with new features being added every couple of years. I believe that if Oracle keeps releasing new things it won't be relegated to being the language of legacy code. Eventually when there is too much cruft, Scala or something else will start to take over. But that could take a very long time. Look at C++. It's still going strong.

Comment: Because there is much need at the middle ground (Score 2) 511

by bigsexyjoe (#47742857) Attached to: If Java Wasn't Cool 10 Years Ago, What About Now?

Yes, the middle ground has some disadvantages of both extremes, but it has some of the advantages to both.

C++ maps to hardware well. An enterprise web solution, doesn't need that. It should have automatic memory management. The scripting languages are not strongly typed. That makes the code a little less maintainable and a little slower.

When Twitter used RoR, it was a nightmare. It just wasn't performant enough. When they went to Scala things got a lot better.

Would Twitter ever want to use C++? I doubt it. They are probably a bit hardware agnostic and they don't want to deal with the classes of bugs that C++ has.

Comment: Re:Why can't hydrogen cool? (Score 1) 55

by bigsexyjoe (#47728805) Attached to: The Star That Exploded At the Dawn of Time

The article doesn't say they couldn't cool in the conditions of the early universe, it says such a cloud could never cool.

I'm not a chemist, but I would guess it's because the electrons cannot fall to a lower energy state, which converts heat to radiation. Since the heat is not radiated, it stays heat inside the cloud.

Or the article gets the details wrong...

Comment: Why? It's not always necessary (Score 1) 148

by bigsexyjoe (#47625453) Attached to: Google Will Give a Search Edge To Websites That Use Encryption

If it 's just an info site or something and you don't submit any confidential information, why do you need https? If I own a pizza shop, my website is all get requests, and I'm not worried about third parties seeing what's on my menu, why should I have to buy an SSL certificate? This seems like overkill to me.

Comment: Very typical of them (Score 4, Interesting) 401

by bigsexyjoe (#47460127) Attached to: Comcast Customer Service Rep Just Won't Take No For an Answer

They've done this to me. They interurpt you, they refuse to let you speak until you scream. They just keep talking. They make excuses, they contradict themselves. They are just unbelievable.

This recording is a great example of how Comcast representives are trained to talk you. Obviously, a monopolist can just abuse you and treat you any way they want.

Comment: Just read it as a list of really good programmers! (Score 1) 285

by bigsexyjoe (#47410537) Attached to: The World's Best Living Programmers

This is one of those times that Slashdot nerds drive me nuts. There could be a lot of interesting discussion about the great things Knuth has done or some of the funny methods Carmack has written. But no, it's lame comment, after lame comment, "Oh my God, this can't really be the 14 best because X isn't on the List!" "I don't think Y is on of the 14 best programmer!"

So Slashdot nerds, do me a huge fucking favor. Just imagine the headline said, "Here is a list of 14 notable and arguably very talented programmers." I know these are not literally the 14 best programmers. No can actually compile such a list. You are supposed to understand that and not whine about it not literally being true.

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