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Comment: How about engineering the economy? (Score 4, Insightful) 367

I think the idea that we are going to engineer the environment is crazy and dangerous. The fact is we don't HAVE to keep dumping CO2 into the air. We can dramatically shift our priorities and resources to finding alternative energy.

Granted, the economic incentives for clean energy aren't there right now, but is capitalism a suicide pact?

Comment: Hiring managers perspective (Score 5, Funny) 574

by bigsexyjoe (#48307059) Attached to: The Great IT Hiring He-Said / She-Said

Well, you get a lot of applicants to any job these days. A lot of people are looking for work. But you need to find appropriate candidates.

You can't hire anyone too young, because they don't have the skills and haven't proven themselves at a real job. You don't want to hire anyone over 35 because the field moves quickly and you don't want someone who doesn't keep up.

You also need people who have the hot skill right now. Ruby used to be really hot, but now we are looking for Python. Can you train a Ruby programmer to be a Python programmer? When you are running a business you can't take the risk to find out!

You're really looking for about five years experience and experience with the right technologies. This doesn't sound to hard, but a lot of these people are asking for outrageous amounts of money!

Furthermore, you need the right cultural fit. At my company, we all wear hoodies. We wouldn't want to hire someone who wears a fleece. We need someone who breathes code. Last week I interviewed someone who was a good match, except he said he swam in code! We had to cut that interview short.

Also, you can't hire people with too much self-esteem. People with self-esteem are always asking if they can be managers and constantly leaving you just because someone offered them more money. So in addition to the exact right amount of experience, in the right field, and cultural fit, you need someone who is a little bit broken that you can build up into your perfect coder.

It is all very difficult. And we are a firm anyone would want to work for. We can only pay $50,000 a year, but you get to work with really cutting edge technologies like Python! So I'm sure if we have difficultly finding the right people, anyone would.

Comment: JavaScript is teh SUX!!11 (Score 1) 195

by bigsexyjoe (#48178849) Attached to: JavaScript and the Netflix User Interface

Oh, wait. I'm trapped seven years in the past.

JavaScript is wicked fast, has first class treatment of functions, JSON and the object model are beautiful, and its duck-typing supports great mixins patterns. JavaScript is now outside the browser with Node.js. The Node people made some awesome wise design decisions and Node is awesome. In spite of stupid haters, JavaScript just keeps getting bigger and bigger and racking up more successes. It beat Applets, Flash, VBScript, and challengers not worth mentioning to dominate the web. And it is not only on the server now but is showing itself to be in many ways better than other server side languages such as Ruby, Python, and Java. JavaScript is probably the number one language that old code is being refactored into and this isn't just because browsers support it. Other languages can compile to JavaScript, but no one cares because JavaScript is just that awesome. If there is one language that is exciting to follow these days, it is JavaScript.

BUT TEH === ! IT SUX!!

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