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Comment For reasons we are not yet aware of.. (Score 1) 235

It's popular to explain why they created an umbrella company and offer your theories. But I am convinced of this: the general public is not aware of the reason at this time.

I'll offer a very general reason they would do this, I don't have the details: doing this creates a financial/legal advantages for Larry Page and Sergey Brin. What kind of advantage? Why does it create the advantage? I don't know. But why do business people do anything?

I could be wrong, but I don't think it is for the "soft" reasons that people are positing now, i.e. it explains the structure better, it highlights that Google is not a "conventional company". This is a big change, and probably an expensive and time-consuming one. And making everyone aware of this "Alphabet" brand is a big pain in the ass.

I think the reasons they did this are very specific and concrete, but we just don't know what those reasons are at this point.

Comment How do you feel about web applications? (Score 4, Interesting) 359

I know you don't like Software as a Service: article

However, there are some web applications that really only work as a web application. Slashdot is an example of this.

Do you feel that creators of web applications should be obliged to make their source code available?

Also, if I am employed as web application developer, am I a bad person?

Comment full of it (Score 1) 131

Wahhh!!!! "Inequality is a weapon!" Being disadvantaged is not a weapon. You like to imagine that you are being held back, but has it occured to you that you are a loser just because you are a loser? The democraticizing effects of the Internet allow you to have a much greater voice than you would otherwise. If you went around saying what you really think IRL, you'd get your ass kicked.

Comment This is just sad (Score 1, Troll) 131

We haven't really had to many of the Reddit asshole/Gamergate types on Slashdot lately and I'd say it reflects well on this site that most of the replies to this AC don't even really seem to know about anti-social justice campaign he supports.

I don't even want to call this person a troll, because things like "BSD is dying" were actually clever and funny, and this AC is just a petty bully who kicks down.

Dr. Temple Grandin is being featured on "Ask Slashdot" because she's a very interesting and accomplished person. She is autistic, she's a scientist, and movies have been made about her.

But this AC is just WHINING because they'd dare interview her. It's so horrible to ask a woman a question. And he WHINES about social justice, like it's the horrible thing in the world. Never mind that one doesn't have to be especially interested in social justice to find Dr. Grandin interesting.

It's sad. Just sad.

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