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Comment: They use new Windows to break into moblie (Score 1) 445

People keep asking why are they changing Windows when people like what they have? The answer is that new versions of Microsoft Windows will sell whether you like the new features or not. So they are using Windows for other goals. Specifically, they are using Windows for PC to accustom you to their Mobile offerings. That is their most logical way of making money and staying relevant. Just making you really like Windows 10 a lot doesn't really help them.

Comment: Stupid article (Score 1) 153

by bigsexyjoe (#49114389) Attached to: Is Sega the Next Atari?

Is Sega? Is Sega? Sega is just a software maker at this point. Did it fail is the question. Yes, it failed like Atari and countless other companies in other industries. These are two companies past their glory days in the same industry. The idea that they are the next Atari is frankly stupid. They are already out of the hardware biz. They WERE the Atari. Unless they dramatically have some kind of turn around their story is written and we know what it is. A more interesting question would be, "Is Sega the next Apple?" The answer is probably not, but at least that would be a question that would make sense to ask at this point.

Comment: Most of it is marketable (Score 1) 703

by bigsexyjoe (#48772299) Attached to: Obama Proposes 2 Years of Free Community College

Almost anything at community college is general education or applied trade skill. In community college you can get a lot of good degrees in medical technician things and such. Aside from that its all, math, English, etc. I doubt you can take a single class in being a community organizer at any community college in the US.

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