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Comment Re:Don't honk the horn (Score 1) 756

That's another thing, probably the worst injury I had from a head on smash (previously commented on). Leg was pressed hard on the brake at impact. I don't know if it was squashed on impact or if it instantly bent but it did hit the steering column hard enough for my knee cap to crack the steering column. I went to hospital and they said it was "badly bruised", wtf, it was swollen the size of a basketball :o That and staved thumbs from gripping the wheel....

Comment Re:One hand, 12 o'clock ... (Score 1) 756

I was also in a crash driving with hands at 10 and 2, with a good grip on the wheel. Crash was head on with another car, I couldn't use my thumbs for a few days because I gripped the wheel really hard just before impact and both hands were thrown forward into the dash (Had dashboard control bruises on knuckles for a while :) ). Airbag didnt seem to have any effect except it saved my good looks* (Numb nose but that's to be expected I guess). I now drive with hands slightly lower than 8 and 4 but always keep my thumbs on the outside of the wheel, kinda gripping the wheel with palms only.

* Joking obviously, I'm a 27 stone bearded lesbian

Comment Oh come on... (Score 2, Insightful) 206


Version of something more complicated than "Hello world" released along with huge warnings that it is not ready for production and people are shooting the entire project down. It has had 4 people working on it, now they've stuck to their word and opened it at the time they said they would. Why is this news surprising or bad? Why is it even news?? People have found gaping holes, said people will close gaping holes - that was the whole point of it being open wasn't it?

“If you've been on the Diaspora mailing list, there are people who are clearly not security professionals who are asking each other, 'OK, what do I need to do to get this running because I hate being on Facebook,'” he said. “They are going to get burned in a very serious manner very, very quickly if they actually succeed in doing what they're trying to do.”

(screams into pillow)

And on the seventh day, He exited from append mode.